A loan of $4,075 helped a member to purchase material to continue making her knitted goods and now she wants to begin another business making flans, cheesecake, cakes and jello and sell them at her stall where she sells her knitted items and sweets.

Los Inversionistas Group's story

Marciela is 30 years old and a very happy woman despite the adversities she has faced. She is a woman eager to get ahead with her children. Recently she had to separate from her husband due to personal problems but she is doing as much as she can to help her children, whom she loves greatly, get ahead.

She is a member of Los Inversionistas Communal Bank and says they chose that name because the loans they request from the field partner are also invested in their businesses and, thanks to the funding, they have been able to gradually grow their businesses.

Mary, as they fondly call her, says that she engages in several activities in order to be able to buy what is necessary to educate her children because she has two in primary school. She says she gets up very early to make them breakfast and then takes them to their school. Immediately afterwards she puts up her stall, which she has in front of her childrens’ school, where she sells drinks, sweets, caps, blouses and dresses knitted by hand that she makes herself. She also says that during the cold months she makes knitted scarves, caps, and gloves and they sell very well. In the afternoons, upon leaving her childrens’ school, she collects her stall and then makes a meal quickly because then she goes to buy bread that she later sells on one of the principal streets of her town, which is called Zitacuaro. On weekends she goes to a restaurant to work as a waitress and thus is able to earn tips to maintain her household.

Mary says that she is proud to be a single mother because she, alone, is helping her children get ahead in their studies. She says “thanks to the loans, they have made me save more and become more responsible and I have been able to manage the money I earn better and I have made my business grow and I am doing well.”

She says that at the moment, she is requesting a loan to buy the supplies to continue doing her knitting. Now she wants to begin another business making flan, cheesecake, cakes and jello and sell them at her stall where she sells her knitted goods and sweets.

Mary’s goal is to have her own home because she is now renting a house and she would like to have something of her own so she won’t have to spend so much in rent. She also wants a space where her merchandise will be safe.

The other nine members of the group are named Mariana, Eva de los Milagros, Jose Antonio, Gloria, Maria del Carmen, Eva, Marcelino, Lucila and Esmeralda. They will invest in their business of selling shoes by catalog, buying and selling women’s clothing, doing repairs in a machine shop, selling seasonal fruit and vegetables, perfume, cosmetics and will buy material to make embroidered handicrafts and compost and fertilizer to cultivate chiles manzanas (very hot chiles).

In this group: Mariana, Eva De Los Milagros, Jose Antonio, Gloria*, Maria Del Carmen, Eva, Maricela, Marcelino, Lucila*, Esmeralda
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Diane Chaney

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