A loan of $4,425 helped a member to buy wood to improve and enlarge the sheep corral.

El Manantial (Ganadería) Group's story

The ‘Manatial” [Spring] group is in a very peaceful community where the people are known for being humble and very unassuming. Above all, the group is always very respectful. It is comprised of six very hard-working women, who, in addition to their household chores, are entrepreneurs. Each one of them has a productive business activity.

That is why they are requesting a loan from the institution. For example, Paulina, Elvira, Gloria, and Romualda buy sheep to raise and fatten. They are later able to sell them. María will invest in dairy products to stock her grocery store.

The group members do not know why its name was chosen. The people who started the group are no longer working with the institution. Nevertheless, they believe that it is because the place where they live has many small springs. These are very helpful to the inhabitants when their community does not have potable water.

Elvira is a member of the Manantial group. She tells us that she is 33 years old, and she has been married to Melquiades for 15 years. Together they have formed a family with six children, three of whom go to the community school. Elvira explains, “I have always lived in the community. Ever since I was little I have seen all of the community’s customs like the dishes that are eaten, the holidays that are celebrated, the typical clothing, what is grown, and what is raised. Also, through the years I have seen how all of this is being forgotten. What I have learned from my community is raising animals like the sheep that I have at home. I have three sheep, but I am thinking of buying five more and fodder. I started this business activity individually five years ago. The person who helped me a lot to be successful in my business activity was my mother-in-law. She taught me important tips in order to be successful. The only difficulty I encountered is the lack of information about how to take better care of my sheep. Many times they get sick and die. I would like to get training in order to know about this issue.

This time I will use the loan to buy wood to improve and enlarge the sheep corral. I only have three, and if I buy five more sheep, they will not fit. All of them together will be very uncomfortable. I bought my sheep when they were little in order for them to grow and fatten so that I could later sell them for a better price. When they are bigger and fatter, the pay is better. In order to achieve all of this, in the mornings I clean the corral where they sleep. After that I give them dried grass to eat, and I provide them with water.

In the afternoon, after my children get home from school, I feed them. Then we all go to the plains for my sheep to graze. This is what I like the best because my children play soccer there, and they have a lot of fun. This way I take care of my sheep and my children.” When we asked her what her goal is, she smiled and said, “Fixing my house because I don’t want it to leak like a sieve. When it rains it gets very wet, I do not know how to control the leaking. My goal for my children is for them to complete their studies, and earn a professional degree."

In this group: Gloria, Paulina, Elvira, Lourdes, María, Romualda

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Ginny Kalish

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