A loan of $650 helped to pay the application expenses to study for a Master's Degree in Innovation Technology and Entrepreneurship.

Juan Guillermo's story

Juan Guillermo, age 26, was born in Bucaramanga, Colombia. He had the dream of being a professional soccer player one day, and he spent a lot of time and effort in the trainings and competitions. All of this made it very difficult to study at one of the most demanding universities in the area of Engineering in Colombia, the Universidad Industrial de Santander (UIS).

On a trip with his soccer team he realized that what he wanted most in life was to devote himself to engineering and to get good grades in his courses. In the last semesters of the courses for his degree he was among the best students in his class. Also, he obtained honors for his thesis in his studies of Bioengineering about electrical cardiac signals.

Now Juan Guillermo dreams of getting his Master’s in Innovation Electrical Engineering in France. He needs support from Kiva to be able to pay the expenses for enrollment and preparation for the language exams. He does not have any other way of paying for them.

Here is his story:

Life’s purpose is constant growth. I believe that as human beings we are continually learning, and each experience brings with it a lesson. In my case, I want to grow more and more each day. Studying is the foundation for this. Post graduate studies abroad will serve as a catalyst for my academic and personal growth. It would prepare my mind to receive new ideas, and it would promote an intercultural exchange between people. It would provide me with an important academic background. These are meaningful reasons to wish to study in another country.

Nowadays the need arises to change things when they take an undesirable turn. Any process has inevitable modifications; that is true. However, I personally believe that what is most called for would be to turn them around at the time they happen. Innovation, strategy, and entrepreneurship would be the tools that would allow me to act in the previously mentioned scenario. Knowing each detail in depth, with numerous tools abroad, allows me to apply this in my country. This is my aspiration in that regard.

With the above permitting, I see myself in the future returning to my country, generating new projects, and looking for solutions to diverse engineering problems. The most import thing is developing ideas about sustainability in a territory that is rich in resources that are not renewable.

In spite of the fact that I found a job in June, it would take me at least 15 months of savings, calculating that I can save 65 thousand pesos ($30 US) a month. The Kiva program would help me in the process of studying outside of Colombia. It would activate my project logistically and financially in order to be able to fulfill that which I have dreamed.

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Ginny Kalish

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