A loan of $3,125 helped a member to expand the group members' businesses by purchasing various products, including cosmetics, hair accessories, fabrics, bottoms, threads, fruits, vegetables, and brushes.

Hope Group's story

The Committee of Entrepreneuring women is a program carried out by Fundación Paraguaya which targets groups of enterprising women who create a village bank through which they receive assistance by way of loans. The main goal is to give the women the opportunity to carry out economic activities which enable them to live with dignity and to contribute to a better quality of life for their them and their families. In practice, lending to poor women creates a cascading effect that brings social and economic benefits to a whole family, and thus to the entire community. What is more, the sense of belonging to a group gives these poor women the energy and motivation to succeed in their work and in life.

In the city of Ypane, Lidia G. de González contacted her friends and neighbors and told them about the committee. She shared with these women her desire to change their world for the better by working very hard. Lidia’s hopeful words stimulated optimism among these women and they decided to form the Committee “La Esperanza” (Hope). All the members of “La Esperanza” dream of opening their own store to offer various products and services. In addition, what motivates them and makes them work extremely hard is their collective desire to give their children an opportunity to go to college or to school.

Among the many businesses they operate are: hair saloons, despensas (grocery stores), copetines (mini bar-restaurants), sewing shops, and shops where clothing, cosmetics, vegetables and fruits are sold. The money provided by the requested credit will be used to buy cosmetics, hair accessories, fabrics, bottoms, threads, fruits, vegetables, brushes and other such products.

In this group: Lidia, Petrona, Zunilda, Maria Del Rosario*, Stella*, Angelina*, Brigida, Gladys, Miryan, Cendula, Maria Del Carmen, Laura, Tarciana, Teresa, María Nathalia, Evarista, Lucia, Mirian
*not pictured

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