A loan of $400 helped to study the second semester of health administration.

Erika Andrea's story

Ever since she was little Erika Andrea has had many obstacles to getting ahead. She always had to support herself by her own means. She became a mother when she was very young. Nevertheless, her desire to get ahead with two children allowed her to finish high school. At one time she was somewhat ill, and she very depressed. However, her children, the driving force of her life, gave her a lot of strength.

In 2006 she managed to complete her nursing studies. She loves the health field, and is delighted helping others. She believes that the best way to do so is to specialize more in this area. That is why she wants to continue with her studies in health administration. This way she will get employment so that her children are able to have a great future and a university degree as well.

The following is Erika Andrea’s story in her own words:

Hi, my name is Erika Andrea. I am 38 years old, and I have been married for 19 years. I have two children, an 18 year old boy and a 15 year old girl. We live with my 42 year old husband.

I have always lived in Bogotá. My mother left for Venezuela when I was two years old. From then on I lived with my maternal grandmother. I never knew my paternal family. It should be noted that my father rarely, well, never lived with me. We always had a lot of financial problems. My grandmother, when she could, gave me an education and what I needed. Then, one day, when I was 17, she died of stomach cancer.

After this my life took a terrible turn. My aunt and uncle threw me out of the house. I lost a year of school (I was in the tenth grade at this time), and because of this I lost my place at the school. At this time I had a friend who supported me and helped me a lot. He proposed that we live together. Because of my situation and what I earned Saturdays and Sundays and when I was not in school, which was not enough for anything, I decided to accept.

In 2006 I managed to finish my nursing studies. It is a profession that I love with all of my heart. Given that I love helping others, there is nothing better than taking care of their health.

When I graduated as a nursing assistant I received the medal of merit for my effort and my good grades. Even though I could not exercise my profession due to the care, the appointments, my daughter’s surgeries, and some of my own health problems (after the cancer was controlled they diagnosed me with endometriosis), one day I decided that now that my children are big I can continue with what I like most in my life…my profession.

Six months ago I started studying health administration at Campoalto. It has been going very well for me….however, my husband was left without work for eight months and my son is at the university. Even though my husband did everything possible to help me, and he found work, the debts that we have are very large.

I want and I wish to continue studying. I think I owe it to myself. This is the time to be able to grow in relation to work. This way I can also be able to help my husband financially. Because I was not able to practice my career, and it has been five years since I have had work experience, nobody hires me.

That is why I am asking you, please, from my heart, help me accomplish my dream. This is in order to be able to help my husband pay our debts and the expenses that are coming. My daughter is close to finishing high school, and it would make me very happy for her to go to the university. From the bottom of my heart I thank you for the help that you are able to lend me.

God bless you.

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Ginny Kalish

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