A loan of $5,000 helped to cover the cost of buying a car that uses natural gas.

Enkhtaivan's story

Mrs. Enkhtaivan, 55, is a pensioner who lives with her husband and her son in a ger district, an area of the city with no running water, minimal roads, and spotty electricity.

Her husband works as a watchman in a company, and he doesn't earn that much. Enkhtaivan’s retirement benefit is about $125 per month, and both of their incomes do not cover their family’s expenses. Her son works in a supermarket.

Recently, her husband decided to start a taxi business to increase their family's income. So, Enkhtaivan is taking out a loan to support her husband and the start-up of his new business. As he said, he will run a taxi after his day job (during the night), and that will be very helpful in solving his family's financial issues.

The main thing is that he is choosing a car that runs on natural gas. He and Enkhtaivan totally believe it will help to reduce the air pollution from cars. Although Mongolia has the lowest population density in the world, it is one of the most polluted countries in the world. This is due to the long and cold winters where temperatures frequently go below -40C, even in the cities.

Also, in the summer, many parts of the country are extremely cold and are known to have snow storms. Both homes and nomadic tents burn a lot of fuel and emit huge amounts of pollution every night from families just trying to stay warm. In addition, the extremely toxic smoke from cars is another reason for Mongolia's air pollution.

In response to this, Credit Mongol offers Green Loans to their clients to make home improvements that reduce heat loss, improve heating systems, and also to buy cars that use natural gas. We believe that together we can decrease the pollution and the harmful effects it has on the environment and Mongolians' health.

The loan Mrs. Enkhtaivan is taking out will be used to cover the cost of buying a car that uses natural gas.

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