A loan of $4,475 helped to purchase a power washer and market his business.

John's story

Air Force veteran John, 49, is a single father who decided to open his Kyle, Texas, business, Big Jon Plumbing Services, after working with major plumbing companies. John first entered the plumbing business at the age of 16 when looking for a summer job. Thereafter, he joined the Air Force where he attended plumbing classes to learn more. Upon leaving the Air Force, John received his plumbing license. He also helped build an Arizona start-up business to an established cooperation, but he was fired shortly after. That company later went out of business. After being fired from that job, John realized he could work for himself.

John has now been in business for two years. For the time being, he works in conjunction with a helper. Passionate about work ethic, John would like to hire another person but won’t until he finds the right one. He says it’s easy to find a licensed plumber but it’s a challenge to find a licensed plumber who wants to do the job right. According to John, all his employees should properly execute a job, clean up after themselves and be honest with customers.

To help with his expectations, John purchased a jetter with the funds he received on approval from Accion Texas Inc. He used the rest of the money to market his company. A jetter works similar to the water hoses at car wash stations but is much smaller as it is designed for pipes and drains. Other companies may bring a cable to expand a pipe’s passage after buildup gained from years of usage; however, that only treats the symptom for possibly half a year. The jetter John purchased sprays 3,000 pounds of water to clean pipe walls, which should keep pipes clean for two to three years.

The Accion loan allows for an opportunity to build credit for his business; without it, John says he would have to wait another two to three months to earn enough money to purchase the jetter, which would put a stop to the quality he can provide his customers. For more information on his business and services, visit his company website at: www.bigjonplumbingservices.com.

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