A loan of $5,600 helped to pay for computer equipment, a PC pad and Market Me software.

Steve's story

Steve started his Trophy Club, Texas-based social marketing company, " Impresa Social Marketing", because he saw that many businesses in his small town lacked a strong presence on social media communities, and he realized that this was due to the amount of time required to properly manage a social media presence. He says, “It costs absolutely nothing to get onto Facebook or LinkedIn, but the big price is time, and time, literally, is money when you’re running a business.” Steve aims to take out this problem of time by managing his clients’ social media presence, allowing them to focus solely on running their businesses.

Impresa Social Marketing, which will begin accepting clients on August 1st, will use Steve’s marketing experience to create compelling and regularly-updated business profiles on social media venues like Facebook and LinkedIn. Before starting his business, Steve worked in events marketing, where he learned that social media management was an increasingly important part of his job. This experience serves as the underpinning for Steve’s business practices at Impresa.

To ensure the effectiveness of his approach to social media management, Steve is now managing three companies promotionally. He says, “We have about a dozen businesses waiting for us to roll out the business, but I don’t want to start until I have all of my ducks in a row.” The promotional clients serve as both a tool for Steve to perfect his practice and as a way to advertise his services to potential clients.

One of the most difficult parts of beginning Impresa has been emphasizing the importance of a regularly updated and constantly changing social media presence to his clients. “I would get a lot of people saying, ‘Well, my nephew made my Facebook page already.’ The problem with this is that social media is organic; it needs to be constantly changing in order to keep the interest of potential customers.” Though this was a problem initially, the success of Steve’s promotional clients has been enough to illustrate the importance of the type of social media presence that his business aims to create.

This loan has allowed Steve to lay the groundwork for his upcoming grand opening. With it, he purchased computer equipment, such as a PC pad, and software called Market Me, which will allow him to manage all of his clients’ pages at one time. This will allow him to take on a large number of clients without worrying about wasting time toggling between several screens.

Steve says one of his business’ biggest assets is that it is “in your area.” Working directly with clients by going to their places of business to take pictures and interact with the business owners is extremely important to the success of his business. In the future, he hopes to expand by placing account managers in other areas – this will allow him to continue to offer the one-on-one service valued by his customers while extending his business’ reach beyond its current borders of his small town.

You can visit Impresa Social Marketing’s website at www.impresasocialmarketing.com.

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