A loan of $3,600 helped a member to buy supplies for making and selling tamales.

San Miguel Group's story

This group is called 'San Miguel' because the group's members are devotees of this saint. Also, their town is called San Miguel Tepelcingo. It is a very beautiful town where everybody speaks the indigenous language and most of the women work making napkins and tablecloths. This group is made up of 15 very hard-working women who embroider tablecloths and napkins.

This group's representative is 39 year-old Herlinda A. López who is married to Martín Barragán Mejia who works in agriculture. They have three children. Herlinda's business is embroidering tablecloths. She also sells tamales on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays in order to make more income and help her husband with their household expenses.

27 year-old Verónica Hernández López is another member of this group. She is married to Bonifacio Hernández Hernández who works in agriculture. They have 3 young children and Verónica works embroidering napkins and tablecloths using a loom. It takes her several days to make each of these products. She tells us that lately her business has been doing very well. In order to sell her products, Verónica must travel to Pinotepa Nacional where she sells them in the market. This is one hour away from her town.

Verónica has been engaged in this business activity for 8 years. She inherited it from her mom since it is a technique that is passed down from generation to generation. Verónica dreams that her children will become professionals so that they will have better opportunities in life. She would also like to see her products sell internationally since they are beautiful handicrafts that are made with a lot of effort and dedication. Verónica uses the profits that she makes on her products to provide her family with money since her husband's income does not stretch far enough. As he works in agriculture, they don't make much money and sometimes there is only enough money for food. Verónica decided to make her products and sell them in order to help out.

The members of this group are grateful to everybody who supports Fundación so that they too can help lend to humble people who need it. The members of this group are as follows: Verónica, Leonila, Margarita, Maria López, Feliza, Francisca, Abelina, Lucia, Angélica, Delfina, Rosa, Maria and Margarita Hernández make napkins. 39 year-old Herlinda A. López buys supplies to make and sell tamales and 66 year-old Adelfa Avedaño J. buys soft drinks to sell.

In this group: Veronica, Herlinda, Margarita, Adelfa, Leonila, Margarita, Maria, Feliza Crispina, Francisca, Abelina, Lucia, Angelica, Delfina, Rosa*, Maria
*not pictured

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Linda Oxnard

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