A loan of $925 helped a member to buy meat, oil, tortillas, vegetables, plates and spoons to stock her business.

Palomas De La Villa Group's story

This group is called Palomas de la Villa and is located in Ciudad Ayala, Morelos state, México. It is composed of five women who are neighbors and who know each other. They are: Joaquina Godínez Rodríguez who will use her loan to buy corn, plates, brown paper, napkins, pork skin and oil to stock her business; Manuela M. Hernández who will use the loan to buy cold cuts, Maruchan soups, mayonnaise and chilies in vinegar to stock her business; Mariana Z. Hernández who will use her loan to buy meat, plates, drinking glasses and a griddle to stock her business; Maricela M. G. who will buy milk, rennet, fruit for her yoghurt and glasses to stock her business and Aurelia C. V. who will buy plates, corn, meat, oil and charcoal to stock her pozole and tostada sales business.

Mrs. Mariana Z. Hernández is the group representative. She is 29 years old and finished 6th grade. She’s married and her husband works as a bricklayer. They have three children: Alondra, 8, who is in elementary school, Paloma, 3, and Joaquín, 13, who doesn’t go to school anymore and goes to help his father working as a bricklayer’s assistant.

She has a business selling suadero (thin cut of beef from the brisket) taquitos, longaniza and meat with chili at the local elementary school in the afternoons. She asked for a loan to buy meat, oil, vegetables, tortillas, plates and spoons. She started the business five years ago. She learned by watching how the taquitos were prepared. She used to sell tostadas and rice tacos and later was offered the opportunity to sell the taquitos. A teacher told her that if she wanted to sell them she could and she accepted.

She started out using money she had from the bedspreads and invested it in food to prepare the taquitos. She also sells shoes, bedspreads and underwear via catalogue. She goes out daily to offer her wares to neighbors and relatives in her free time. Her business is a block from home; she walks to the elementary school to sell the taquitos.

Her business is important because it produces money for her children as well as food to eat. Her favorite part of the job is tending to the customers and she feels happy when she sees how much her customers, who are the children and teachers, like the taquitos that she prepares so gladly. Her business is very popular because it’s very well known by the children because of the good flavor of the taquitos. She uses profits from the business to reinvest in the food to continue selling, to repay the loan, for her children, for school. She wants to buy a charcoal grill and a griddle to provide better service to her customers and intends to do so thanks to the loan.

She likes Ciudad Ayala because it’s very pretty, has a nice ambience and there are many passersby in the streets. There are two spas: Axocoche and El Colibrí. There are springs here and streams where the water from the springs runs. Christmas is celebrated in grand scale. There are Nativity masses at 6 and 8 at night. After mass people return home to lull the Baby Jesus; they sing to him and lull him. They hand out little buckets, gourds and little baskets with treats.

Her business has helped the family get ahead with the children. The improvements she wants to make to her house are to rebuild it from top to bottom and fix it up nicely. Her plans and hopes for the future of her children are to get ahead and provide an education for them and to have a better quality of life.

Mariana is happy with the loan she’s getting because it’s an opportunity she’s going to invest in her business and it will help her much.

The improvement she hopes for her children is that they study and improve and she feels they will accomplish this with the loan’s help because she will invest it in her business and from it will be taking out a little to continue to buy and for her children.

The group members would like to say to Kiva and Fundación Realidad: thank you thinking of us because thanks to you we get ahead in our businesses. Thank you for granting the loan. It is appreciated because you lend to us at low interest because you are always concerned for us.

In this group: Joaquina, Manuela, Mariana, Maricela, Aurelia

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