Los Jimenes Group's story

This group, called “Los Jimenez,” is located in Ayutla, Guerrero, and decided on this name because it's the name of the street where they live. All the members live on the same street. One member, Rosalia, is 30 years old, a single mother with 3 children, 2 of whom are in school. The oldest is in 6th year of primary and the other is in 4th year. The youngest is just 2 years old. Rosalia has had a grocery store for 5 years.

She chose to open this business because she was looking for a means of supporting and advancing her children, and of solving economic problems, and improving her quality of life, since she couldn't count on help from anyone. Rosalia is requesting a loan to continue investing in her store, buying more merchandise such as soft drinks, water, cooking oil, eggs, salt, sugar, soap, toilet paper, and other articles, to continue her sales.

Rosalia's business is serving her well. From the earnings, she is able to continue helping her children with their studies, and cover personal expenses, and to continue improving her quality of life. She is also saving to buy a washing machine, which she lacks and really needs.

Rosalia says that her goal is to make her business grow as an enterprise. She wants to build a larger store. What she most desires is to convert her small store into a real grocery, and to have it well stocked and, thus, to obtain more and better earnings.

Rosalia says she knows her fellow members very well and she comments that they are very responsible and hard-working people, and she is confident that they have the urge to get ahead and overcome, and for that reason, in no occasion have they fallen behind in their loan payments, since they want to continue counting on the help of more loans.

She thanks Kiva investors for providing this opportunity and having confidence, but above all, for believing in her, since thanks to their help, she can invest in her business and, thus, enjoy a better quality of life together with her family, and a better future.

The members of the Los Jimenez Group and their activities are as follows:
Antonia O. C. – snack sales
Eva Luz Bolívar R. - shoe sales
Cristina H. Márquez – seed sales
Teresa B. Z. – snack sales
Gudelia S. V. – clothing sales
Delia Judith R. M. – computer accessories
Alma Iris B. Z. – cosmetic sales
José Alberto B. N. – soft drink sales
Irving Adalid M. O. – meal sales
Rosalía G. C. – grocery store
Bernardina G. V. – shoe sales
Mary Carmen V. A. – shoe sales

In this group: Antonia , Eva Luz, Cristina, Teresa , Gudelia , Delia Yudith , Alma Iris , José Alberto, Irving Adalid , Rosalía , Bernardina , Mary Carmen

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Harold Dana Sims, PhD

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