A loan of $4,225 helped a member to purchase fabrics to make articles of clothing.

The Chapel Group's story

This group is named La Capilla and it is located in the community of Anenecuilco in the state of Morelos in Mexico. It is made up of 11 individuals who are neighbors and friends.

Antonia G. M. will invest her loan in the purchase of fruits and vegetables to supply her store.

Porfiria R. G. will purchase perfumes and cosmetics for resale.

Araceli P. C. will purchase shoes for resale.

Angela P. F. will purchase blankets, bed spreads, kitchen furniture, a sewing machine, and cabinets to supply her store.

Reyna C. V. will purchase fabric to make curtains, dresses, etc.

Miguel C. P. will purchase items for the home to supply his store.

Teresa F. E. will purchase all types of sweets to supply her store.

Guadalupe Alvaro F. will purchase automotive spare parts in order to increase her sales.

Petra F. H. will purchase fruits and vegetables, including carrots, apples, tomatoes, etc. to supply her store.

Sylvia G. S. will purchase cosmetics, perfumes, undergarments, etc. to supply her store and to resell the merchandise.

Marciana N. B. will purchase catalogues for the season to use them and make the first sales of the season.

Reyna C. V. is 70 years old and she has a grade one education. She is a widow and she has 3 children: Lorena is 48 years old and she is married. She lives in the USA. Sergio is 38 years old and is married and he sells clothing in the market. Xochitl is 29 years old and she is married. She also lives in the USA. Reyna has a seamstress business, making articles of clothing and bed sheets. She also makes sells through a Fuller brand catalogue. She requests a loan to purchase fabrics to make bed sheets. She offers her clients to make articles of clothing including uniforms, pants, dresses, and blouses. She started her business 53 years ago and the Fuller and Stanhope catalogue sales she started 4 years ago.

She started her business under her own initiative and for personal need. She works in a sewing shop, doing detail work, sewing buttons, zippers, hems, and pleats. With a pension that she received from a shop where she used to work she purchased fabrics, a sewing machine, threads, ribbons, zippers, and buttons, and that's how she started her business. Her business is important because she is able to support herself financially and she is able to pay all her expenses, including hydro and water. She likes everything about her work and it gives her great personal satisfaction and pride to have been able to provide for her children and grandchildren. She is very proud of her business. She has many clients and they ask for all types of things. The profits from her business are used to pay for her expenses, to purchase more fabrics and appliqués.

She plans on expanding her business by purchasing more fabrics to make bed sheets destined for sale and she plans on doing this with her loan. Through her business she has been able to support her children and the house. She has been improving her house, including changing the cardboard tiles to asbestos sheets. The improvement she wants to make to her house now is to install a floor and to plaster the walls.

Her plan and her hope is to keep working and to finish building her house by putting in some concrete. She will help her son with the purchase of lime and cement with the income from her business. She is very happy with this loan because she is able to supply her business. She is thinking about helping her son replace his house and to build a new one. She plans on doing this with the profits from her business.

The members of this group wish to convey the following message to Kiva and to Fundacion Realidad (Kiva Field Partner). "We are thankful for the support you have given us. We appreciate the opportunity that you have given us to access this loan and we hope that your heart will always be ready to help even more people who are in need."

The Emiliano Zapata museum is found in Anenecuilco. There are paintings and personal artifacts of General Emiliano Zapata. They also show a historical film. Emiliano Zapata's birthday is commemorated on August 8 and on the seventh day there is a candlelight ceremony and a dance. A group of singers start their tour at the Emiliano Zapata primary school and travel to the Emiliano Zapata museum to sing La Mananitas (a version. The fifth week of Holy Week is also celebrated in Jesus Anenecuilco. There are masses, dancers, and a procession.

In this group: Antonia, Porfiria, Araceli, Angela, Reyna, Miguel, Teresa, Guadalupe, Petra, Silvia, Marciana

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