A loan of $3,350 helped a member this loan is for the purchase of natural products, including food supplements, shakes, vitamins, minerals, calcium, aloe, tea, cookies and fiber.

Pinotecpan Group's story

The Pinotecpan group is located in a well-known neighborhood, in Pinotepa Nacional Oaxaca. The members of the group decided on this name, because of the etymology of Pinotepa; this was the name the town was known by in the colonial era, and it means, "Place where the Pinome lords have their palaces." Pinomes are said to be a savage race that lived here before the conquests of Mesoamerica, and according to research, they came from the northern part of the country and had some qualities from the Sioux indians, also known as the Cherokee. The Pinomes were subjugated by the Mexica/Aztecs, to whom they paid tribute, and who gave them this name. They were thereafter conquered by the Zapoteca culture and finally by the Mixteca, who controlled this area until the Spanish arrived, bringing African slaves and other customs.
It should be noted that Pinotepa was one of the richest areas during the pre-Hispanic and colonial eras; information exists that in Pinotepa, they had the best weaving, production of cocoa, salt, cotton, turkeys, cochineal, and indigo, as well as various bird feathers from those living in the area. We can still observe in the surrounding area that the indigenous towns produce woven belts made with purple snail dye. Currently some of the goods made here are exclusively designed Converse footwear, made in Pinotepa de don Luis, 30 minutes from Pinotepa Nacional.

After this historical overview, we will shift focus to the group, made up of 10 women from this neighborhood. Their leader is Ana Liz N. A., but this request focuses specifically on Lucia Matilde O. N., a young woman, 26 years old, single and living with her parents. She works selling natural products, including food supplements. Lucia started this business two years ago, first using these products, then recommending and distributing them. In her testimony she indicates that she started using these products because of a health problem, and after seeing her health improve, she decided to start selling them and recommending them to people. Initially it was difficult, but she began gaining more customers, until reaching the current level. She says that the business is doing well, and improving every day.
Lucia joined a credit group in order to obtain money to buy some products she needed. With this loan she was able to purchase, shakes, vitamins, energy drinks, aloe, treatments for gastritis and other health problems.
Lucia dreams of a house of her own. She hopes that her business will continue growing, that her sales don't fall, because she would like to have her own location, where she would no longer have to pay rent. She says that she would also like to get married and have children, but not before first ensuring her comfort and well-being.
She is very grateful to Fundacion for the opportunity to obtain this loan, and hopes to continue to receive their support in the future, because without them, many people would have to give up their dreams and projects.

"Pinotecpan" is a group of 10 women, their names and businesses are as follows:

Guadalupe M. Martínez.-Catalog sales
Ana Liz Nicolás A..- Sale of women's accessories
Silvia Hernández López.- Snack sales
Elia Martínez L..- Snack sales
María Teresa Marroquín Rodríguez.- Small restaurant
Erica Nora R. Martínez.- Shoe sales
Lucia Matilde O. Nicolás.- Sales of natural products
Antonia M. S..- Handmade clothes
Claudia Francisca Marroquín Rodríguez.- Tailor shop
Minerva S. R..- Snack sales

In this group: Guadalupe*, Ana Liz, Silvia, Elia, Maria Teresa, Erica Nora, Lucia Matilde, Antonia, Claudia Francisca*, Minerva
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Kristen Jancuk

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