A loan of $2,000 helped a member to buy chickens and invest in a grocery store.

Boreje Group's story

The following group is called "Boreje." The group is located in the 1st neighbourhood of the community of Boreje. The community is distinguished for being full of ponds, there are ponds everywhere. The members of the group comment that the community is very big in territory and people, and for this reason it was divided into 3 localities a few years ago. Boreje 1st neighbourhood to which this group belongs, 2nd neighbourhood of Boreje, and Barrio el salto are the localities which were previously one. The members of the group are 7 women who work at home and at their businesses. Some of them raise chickens or sheep, and others have a grocery store. The people of this community of Boreje are very simple, respectful, and never refuse to greet anyone even if they don't know each other. The names of the 7 members are as follows:

1.-Anatalia M. L., Mrs. Anatalia is 53 years old, raises chickens and has a grocery store.
2.-Angelica S. M., is 35 years old and has a grocery store
3.-Teresa F. Gonzalez, is 41 years old and raises chickens
4.-Ma Julia S. S., is 40 years old and raises sheep
5.-Maria Catalina A. Marquuez, is 65 years old and raises sheep
6.-Florentina C. C., is 31 years old and has a mobile phone business
7.-Maribel S. C., is 25 years old and raises sheep

The 7 women have known each other for a long time. Some of them are next-door neighbours, and others live a little farther away but they see each other daily. The members decided to call themselves by this name because they had chosen other names but they were all taken by other groups. They therefore chose the name of their community, and that's how this name was settled on. Mrs. Anatalia became the representative of this group and she tells us her story.

Mrs. Anatalia is married, currently raises chickens, and in her house she has opened a curtain to be able to sell soft drinks, snacks, and canned goods - a general store, in fact. Her children no longer live with her. She had 5 children; 2 have already married, 1 daughter is in a relationship, and two more work in Mexico city. They visit her every 8 or 15 days, depending. In her house are only herself and her husband, and what she earns is for the two of them. About her business she says that the chickens are no difficulty for her since she has experience taking care of animals. What worries her is the store, there are times when she gets discouraged because there are no sales, there are things that don't sell, and other days sell more or less. As the sales are low, there are no earnings and no more money to invest. What you sell is what you invest. She is requesting this loan to be able to invest more and sell more, so that people see the store full and can choose what they want to buy. Mrs. Anatalia's dream is to start selling fruit and vegetables because no one sells fruit and vegetables and she believes that it could be good in her business. Mrs. Anatalia's husband is a builder and only works when he can be contracted as well as in the countryside.

In this group: Anatalia, Angelica, Teresa, Ma Julia, Maria Catalina, Florentina, Maribel

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Melissa C

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