A loan of $825 helped to buy chicken, fried pork rinds, soft drinks and metal sheets for her wall.

Paula's story

Paula B. T. lives in Ahuehueyo, in Ciudad Ayala, in the State of Morelos, in Mexico. She is 51 years old and lives with her common-law husband. She has six children. Three of her children are here and three live in the United States. 33 year-old Caín is married, 30 year-old Adriana is single, 26 year-old Marcela is married. These three children are working in the United States. 16 year-old Raúl is studying at CECYTE - Colegio de Estudios Científicos y Tecnológicos (College of Scientific and Technological Studies), 13 year-old Antonia is in high school and 12 year-old Abdiel is in high school.

Paula has a business selling chickens whole or in pieces. She also sells soft drinks, fried pork rinds and tostadas (fried tortillas). She is requesting this loan to buy chicken, fried pork rinds, soft drinks and some metal sheets for her wall.

Paula started out in her business 8 years ago. The business belonged to her daughters but they went to the United States to work and left her the business. The chicken salesman used to come to offer his chicken for sale and pay her daughters for selling it. Then her daughters took over.

On Saturdays and Sundays Paula sells chicken 'mixiotes' (a traditional, pit-barbecued meat dish) and breaded roast chicken. She started her business with a 1,000 peso loan and she invested it in buying merchandise. Her business is located in her home and it is important because it makes her money to send her children to school. It also pays for tickets, shoes, school uniforms, gas and water.

Paula likes selling chicken because they are ready to sell every day. She takes her chickens at 6.00am, she cuts them up and is ready to serve her customers who are family members, neighbors, acquaintances, ladies and gentlemen. She uses the profits she makes in her business to cover her children's school expenses and she would like to buy bags so that she can give her customers a little bag of sweet treats at the New Year and on Valentine's Day.

Paula would like to build a new wall and roof so that her premises look better because her current wall is made from metal sheets. She plans to achieve this goal using her profits and the money that her daughters send her from the United States. Her business has helped her family and continues to help, covering her children's school expenses.

Paula's dreams are to fix up her house, building new walls and a new roof to complete it. She is very happy to be receiving this loan which they are giving her to stock her business so that she has merchandise to offer her customers. The improvements that she would like to make for her son are to open a bank account. Although her son is still very young, he has bronchial asthma. Paula plans to achieve her goal by continuing to make her chicken sales and saving her profits.

Paula would like to say to Kiva and Fundación Realidad "Thank you for the help that you give me and while I continue selling my products, if it is possible, I would like you to continue helping me with loans". Paula likes Ahuehueo because she was born there. They celebrate San Juan on two dates. On February 18th and June 24th there are masses, a procession and three days of bullfighting.

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Linda Oxnard

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