A loan of $2,775 helped a member the loan will be used to buy cotton thread in the colors of red, blue, wine, green, yellow and purple, as well as to buy cotton thread used to make artisenal textiles using tradtional waist looms, with which napkins and tablecloths are made.

Yukuyoo Group's story

The “Yukuyoo” loan group is located in the community of San L. Oaxaca, 40 minutes to the north of Pinotepa nacional. The name of the group is in the language of Mixteca and means ‘hill of lianas’ (a kind of vine). The majority of the population is indigenous and works in the fields and, in the case of the women, makes embroidery and artisanal textiles. The woman that represents the group is Flora M. C., but we will not talk about her much, since this story is focused on Herminia Nicolás M., a 35-year-old woman married to 42-year-old Gracian, an agricultural worker. They have four children: Guadalupe (18), Claudia (16), Álvaro (15) and Azucena (13). Only the last three study, since the eldest works to help them pay for school expenses. Herminia works in the elaboration of textiles in the traditional style, which is very laborious, but poorly remunerated. She learned this traD. from a very young age as one of the ways to help alleviate the needs of her family. She makes her craftwork in her home, as is the custom, and uses coarse materials maD. in the traditional way. It is very common to find artisanal women in this zone since, apart from selling their creations, the women also wear them.

Herminia is a member of the loan group organized near her house, and she sought the resources to buy the materials that she will use to make her embroidery. With this money, she was able to buy cotton thread in the colors of white, blue, green, red, orange and purple as well as cotton skeins that they use to make textiles, crystal worsted yarn and the traditional brown thread that is maD. artisanally in this region by hand with brown colored cotton. She also sent to be renovated some of her instruments’ parts that she uses for the weaving of textiles and also to make napkins, tablecloths, huipiles (traditional embroidered dresses), and textiles for christening robes. In this December season, Herminia is filling some orders that were maD. ahead of time that will be for wedding souvenirs.

The big dream that Herminia has is that her children grow up in an environment without a lot of need, and the only thing that she asks is to have good health in order to be able to continue ahead in the fight for a better tomorrow. She would like to have a better house that has a solid floor and is a little stronger so as to be able to withstand the ravages of nature in the periods of rain.

Yukuyoo is a group of working women. They help one another and always have the necessary trust so that the group and its members are punctual with their payments. The only thing we can add is a gesture of thanks on behalf of this group to those that represent this industry of dreams. Thanks to those that support Kiva, to Fundación Realidad and to the people that dedicate themselves ever day to making possible the projects of many. The women that make up the “Yukuyoo” group are listed below, as well as the activities they carry out.

Flora M. C.. – Inexpensive, home-cooking eatery
Analidia Chávez D. L. C..- Artisanal embroidery
Gregoria Nicolás Baños.- Sweets sales
Andrea L. M..- Artisanal embroidery
Leticia M. Guzmán.- Chicken sales
Herminia Nicolás M..- Artisanal embroidery
Rosa P. Hernández.- Artisanal embroidery
Tomasa B. M..- Artisanal embroidery
Oliva Vásquez H..- “Antojitos” (traditional Mexican food/snacks) sales
Herlinda L. B..- Artisanal embroidery

In this group: Flora, Analidia, Gregoria , Andrea, Leticia, Herminia, Rosa, Tomasa, Oliva, Herlinda *
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Jacqueline Demeranville

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