A loan of $4,875 helped a member purchase food and raise animals (calves) to sell.

Las Fresas Group's story

The group which is presented has the name "Las Fresas." It is a group of women from the area of Calvario del Carmen, belonging to the municipality of San Felipe del Progreso. This area is home to a large dam known as the "Dam Tepetitlan." Because of the dam, they are people that are dedicated to fishing chub to sell at the market. What these people do is clean and fry, or even stew them or make tamales to sell.

In this group, there is a member that has the job which has been mentioned. She is named Celestina M. E.. She is a housewife but she goes fishing and prepares the chub in different ways.

The "Las Fresas" group has 13 hard-working female members. They are Mazahuas women. They speak this indigenous language which is part of the cultulre of the San Felipe del Progreso village, and not only does their language demonstrate their culture but also their dress.

They named their group this way because they say that they couldn't find another name. They had mentioned various but all were already taken by other groups until one of the members said "las Fresas." This caused them to laugh and so they used this name, as well as to sound a little original beside the other groups.

The names of the women are the following:

1.-Maria S. M., She is 40 years old and has a grocery store.
2.-Irma G. G., She is 30 years old and she buys, raises and sells sheep.
3.- Marcelina C. Sáncehez, , She is a young woman of 20 years and she is dedicated to raising chicken to sell.
4.-Juana M. C., She is 45 years old and is dedicated to buying and selling fattened sheep.
5.-Veronica S. M., She is 19 and raises sheep.
6.-Antonia J. S. is 36 years old and has a grocery store.
7.-Lorenza G. C., She is 54 years old and is dedicated to raising calves to sell.
8.-Rosa V. N. is 42 years old and is dedicated to raising chicken and sheep.
9.-Paula P. G. is 38 years old and is dedicated to raising animals.
10.- Irene T. C. is 38 years old and has a school shoop.
11.-Elidia L. L. is a mother and is dedicated to a shop outside the clinic.
12.-Eusebia Mejía Segúndo is 55 years old is is dedicated to raising and selling cattle and bulls.
13.- Celestina M. E. is 27 years old and is dedicated to fishing and selling chubs prepared ready to eat.

The community is very humble in general. All of the people come from scarce resources. They don't have secondary education. The majority of people don't know how to read. They are only dedicated to farming and raising animals. The men know masonry work and many leave to work in cities in Mexico or the U.S.

Maria S. M. is head of the list of names. In the photo, she appears clothed in a white sweater, a typical Mazahua blue dress with red stripes and sky blue socks. She is the second in the photo from left to right.

Maria is 40 years old. She lives in her own house with her husband. In total, she had eight children. However, one of them died. Now there are only seven children: 4 boys and 3 girls. At the moment, one 11 year old boy depends on her. He is in elementary school. Her other children work and one has his own family.

Mari's activity is raising calves. She is going to use her loan to pay two two corn fields of grass that they rented. They occupy the fields to give food to their animals. She also wants to buy a calf.

Mari tells us that one of the difficulties of the months from April until September is feeding her animals since she doesn't have land and it is the rainy season. What she does is pay a monthly rent for each animal so they can eat the pasture and the others can go to a farm that is near the community.

Mari's wish is to be able to have a space for her animals like land to farm and not to buy the corn field which is expensive. She also wants to be able to guard the animals. Mari also says that when she sells an animal, it's cheap. Her goal is to sell them at a good price so she gets something back for her investment.

In this group: Maria, Irma, Marcelina, Juana, Veronica, Antonia, Lorenza, Rosa, Paula, Irene, Elidia, Eusebia, Celestina

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