A loan of $3,875 helped a member to purchase lard, sugar, eggs, flour and yeast.

Para Siempre Group's story

This group is called “Forever”, and is located in the Tecoanapa Guerrero municipality. The members came up with the name because that is how long they want the group to last: forever. This story is about Emma G. H., given she is the representative of this group. She is 50 years old, and a widow with two children: Maria del Carmen, 22, and Genaro, who is 21. Both are in school; the oldest is in her second year of a Political Science degree, and the other is in his first year of studying for a teaching degree.

Emma dedicates herself to making and selling bread. She decided on this business because she says there is a lot of demand, and it generates a good income. In addition, she wanted to find a way to improve her and her family’s standard of living and to provide her children with an education.

She will invest the loan into purchasing more ingredients such as: sugar, lard, flour, yeast and eggs, so she can increase production, offer a greater variety of products and to increase her sales. She says that things are going very well with the business, so much so that she is putting aside some of her income to finish building the kitchen in her house and to continue supporting her children with their educations so they can embark on professional careers. She also continues to invest in her business.

She comments that her business is benefiting her neighbors a great deal, since there are not many people who do what she does nearby. Since she is close, they all buy from her. In addition, she provides excellent attention and services to her customers and offers her products at a good price.

Emma’s dream is to build a larger locale in her own house, so she can expand her business. She would like to open a bakery that she would have much better stocked so she could increase her earnings and pay for her children’s advanced degrees. She tells us that the members of the group are very responsible and punctual with their loan payments, since they have gotten to know each other, get along well, and are from the same community. For these reasons, they have never fallen behind or defaulted on their payments, as they don’t want to risk the trust that has been placed in them. She is very thankful to the Foundation and to Kiva for the support of the loan granted to her since, thanks to this, her business is improving a great deal and it has changed their lives.

The members of “Forever”, and the activities they carry out, are as follows:

Emma G. H. - Bread Sales

Jorgina H. G. - Bread Sales

Ernesto L. R.- Sale of Clothing

Ricardo R. R. - Candy Sales

Quintina G. V. - Bread Sales

Maria del Rocío L. M. - Sale of Chilate (a refreshing beverage of the region made from cacao, rice and sugar)

Eridia G. L. - Cosmetics Sales

Fredy S. H. - Poultry Sales

Celsa G. V. - Clothing Sales

Aurora M. M. - Sales of Sales

Josefina M. G. - Beverage Sales

In this group: Emma, Jorgina Hernández Gallardo, Ernesto, Ricarda, Quintina, Maria Del Rocío, Eridia García López, Fredy, Celsa, Aurora, Josefina

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