A loan of $3,175 helped a member to buy ingredients used in food preparation: chilies, tomatoes, onions, garlic, cheeses, oil, rice, beans, meats, fruits and vegetables; maize to make tortillas, salt and sugar.

La Aurora Group's story

This group chose the name “La Aurora” (Dawn) because the group members liked the name because of its meaning. For them the sensational phenomenon of dawn is linked to the hopes and expectations that each one of them has to arrive at a new day and just like interest is renewed so is the grace of living one more day in humans. This is how the members explain the meaning of the name. It is composed of 10 women and one man. All are from San Miguel Tlacamama located 25 minutes from Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca. It is known for the cheeses made in the area that are highly appreciated by locals. Most of the people are associated with cheese making and also farm work. The group meets in one of the member’s homes where cheese is made daily. The group representative is Minerva Irma E. Martínez but in this case we will emphasize another group member

Martha L. A., 34, is a hardworking housewife. She is the daughter of humble field workers and is married to Javier, 35. She is the mother of four children: Ana Laura, 16, Marisol, 15, Honorio, 11 and Gustavo, 3. Only two of them go to school because the oldest was unable to go to school this year due to lack of resources; she helps her mother in the small business they have.

Martha has been selling low-cost meals for over two years. This activity has become her source of income. Profits are directed primarily to provide continuity to the business, to repay her loan and to pay for her children’s educational expenses. It is also a way to help her husband because his salary as an employee is insufficient to cover the needs of four children and themselves. This is why she decided to go into this business which, although it is close to home, still implies much work and dedication because her meals stand out due to their special savory touches. We can find her daily at her business cooking up soups, mole and adobo and in the evenings, regional snacks like sopes, tacos and tostadas.

Martha joined the group in order to obtain credit to invest in her business. With money she was lent she bought some ingredients like: assorted chilies, tomatoes, onions, vegetables, fruits, leafy vegetables and grains like beans, rice, corn to make tortillas, oil, salt, sugar and canned goods. To date everything in her business is running very well and she expects tourists and people on vacation to come through town during the next vacation period.

She hopes that her daughter will be able to restart her schooling next term and that the business continues to grow; that her sales don’t drop so that she can continue to guarantee a good living condition for her family. She’d like to have a restaurant where she does not have to pay rent that would mean a solid support for her family.

What Martha can add now is that thanks to the collaboration from all the good and noble people she has been able to improve the living conditions of herself and her children. She thanks the people who gather together to do good for others. She sends greetings to everyone that supports Kiva and Fundación Realidad and asks God to keep them.

Following is a list of the names and activities of all the members of the “La Aurora” group:

Francisca Vázquez. – Fast food sales

Maria Guadalupe E. Martínez.- Cheese sales

Melissa García Zacarías.- Footwear sales

Carmen Benita Martínez López.- Cheese making

Minerva Irma E. Martínez.- Cheese making

Marta L. A.. - Low-cost meals and fast food sales

Eva R. Martínez. - Gelatin and dessert sales

Maria Apolinaria R..- Fish sales

Soledad Pérez M..- Cheese making

Cenobia Vásquez V..- Fruit and vegetable sales

José A. Rodríguez.- Purified water sales

In this group: Francisca, Maria Guadalupe, Melissa , Carmen Benita, Minerva Irma, Martha, Eva, Maria Apolinaria, Soledad, Cenobia, Jose Antonio

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Polliz

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