A loan of $3,100 helped a member to buy cotton thread used in making napkins and tablecloths, skirts for traditional costumes, traditional blouses. This material is known as Madeja Crystal cotton thread in red, green, blue and orange.

Jicayan Group's story

The following group is called “Jicayan” which is the name of the location where the group members live. It’s part of San Pedro Jicayan municipality and is located 50 minutes north of Pinotepa Nacional. This town is inhabited in its totality by Mixteca indigenous people. They preserve their traditional dress as well as their traditional customs and behaviors. In this population one can admire the creation of various textiles that display the colors particular to the people who live here. Another characteristic of this population is that one can find many musicians here as well as artisans who make crafts from wood, gourds and textiles making this a unique place. The group has 11 members, all women. The name of the group representative is Rosa H. M. but the group member we will feature is Mrs. Albina Damián Dionicio.

She is a 29 year old housewife, married to a 29 year old farmer named Rodolfo. She is mother of two children, Juan, 6, and Idalia, 11 months.

Albina was married at the age of 13 and her work consists of weaving traditional costumes known as “naguas” and “huipiles” which are currently considered artesanal handicrafts. She learned this skill when she was 10 years old; it is something little girls in this community must learn so that when they get married they can make their clothes.

Albina lives in a small house maD. of adobe and raw mud. The roof is roofing tile and cardboard sheets. It does not have a firm cement floor. This type of dwelling is typical of the area where poverty reigns and the lack of basic communication infrastructure, like paved highways and widespread supply of electricity, is the norm.

Albina joined this credit group that formed near her place of residence because she needed resources to buy the materials she uses to make the “naguas.’’ She used the resource to buy cotton thread in white, purple, maroon. Some of the thread, like the purple one, is produced internally. They dye the threads using a marine snail known as Purple Snail. She also bought other kinds of embroidery thread like “hilo vela” and “hilo Madeja” in assorted colors that she used to make napkins. She also replaced some parts on her loom.

Albina dreams that her children will grow healthy and go to school. She aspires to improve her house with better quality materials as well as to improve her living conditions. She’d like it if her crafts were known among more people and that she be paid a fair price for them; that they don’t take advantage of the situation those who have little are in to buy at prices below what is fair.

The members of this group are unassuming, humble women who only wish to get ahead and change the panorama of poverty for one of a better life. They are committed to their dreams and believe in the goodness of others. They are people who studied enough to be able to read a few things or to be able to write their names or perhaps never even stepped foot insiD. a school.

Albina, smiling, thanks Fundación Realidad, Kiva and all those people who help the dreams of poor people come true. Thanks for helping indigenous people from the Oaxaca coast. They send a sisterly hug.

Following are the names and activities of each of the other members of the “Jicayan” group:

Albina Damián Dionicio. – Manufactures Artesanal Textiles

Sabina Bruna Damián Hernández.- Manufactures Artesanal Textiles

Fidencia H. M..- Artesanal Embroidery

Rosa H. M.. - Fast Food Sales

Juana Jiménez Gómez.- Groceries

Sofía Gómez Jiménez. - Fast Food Sales

María Magdalena Jiménez Damián.- Groceries

Irlanda T. Guzmán. - Fast Food Sales

Josefina A. Hernández - Fast Food Sales

Araceli C. A. - Sale of Beverages

Elena Epifania M. D. L. S..- Manufactures Artesanal Textiles

In this group: Albina, Sabina Bruna, Fidencia, Rosa, Juana, Sofia, Maria Magdalena, Irlanda, Josefina, Araceli, Elena Epifania

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