A loan of $2,375 helped a member for the purchase of pigs and animal feed/nutrients.

The Women´s Bank Of Forging Goals And Dreams Group's story

The Women's Bank of Forging Goals and Dreams is comprised of six women members who live and work in Jaris, San Jose, in the central valley of Costa Rica. Historically, the members of this group have demonstrated their ability to fulfill their loan repayment responsibilities while undergoing difficulties within the group. During the lifespan of a prior loan, some group members faced challenges in making repayments. Despite this internal problem, the group as a whole was never late making repayments, i.e. the members banded together in solidarity to ensure the group was on time with their repayments. The loan consultant who has been working with this group over the years has described the members as hardworking entrepreneurs.

Jaris is a rural community with poor access to full-time job opportunities. The main methods of subsistence are through activities in agricultural production such as the rearing of pigs and the production of sugar cane, among others. The women of this group are unanimously involved in the rearing and sale of pork products. This loan will be used by each group member to make investments in livestock, animal feed, nutrients and construction materials (to build pig pens).

Flora V. S. is the elected president of this group. Flora is a 55-year-old mother of eight who lives with her family in Jaris. She dedicates the mornings and afternoons to the care of her livestock. She feeds and cleans her pigs twice a day, when necessary, and her husband helps her. When she isn't taking care of the animals, Flora is carrying out various household responsibilities, including cooking and cleaning. The rearing of pigs is the sole source of family income for Flora and her family.

Flora's goals are to be able to earn enough income from the sale of pork products to enable the provision of a higher standard of living for her family. An obstacle she faces is the fluctuating prices for nutrients, pig food and livestock. An increase in prices for any one of these will eat away at her profits, as will a decrease in the market value of pork products.

The members of this group have been able to access credit, as well as favorable loan conditions, through the group lending model. In traditional financial institutions, a loan guarantor is needed in order to be approved for a loan. With the group lending model, each member acts as a guarantor for another member, which makes it easier for the poor to access loans. The women have grown to know each other on a deep and personal level, as they have lived in the same community for most of their lives. As a group, each woman makes a guarantee to make repayments and support others if they have trouble making repayments. This will be the group's fourth loan with Kiva partner, Fundación Mujer. Over the years, the members have observed loans contributing to an overall improvement in living conditions, enabling mothers to better support their children's studies, good health and livelihoods. The women of this group act as a support network for one another. Monthly meetings and group activities allow the women to take a break from their daily routines, contribute to a positive change in their community, and provide an opportunity to get together with other women. Working together on various problems, whether they are rooted in family or business, has allowed the women to develop feelings of solidarity and strength within the group.

In this group: Emma, Flora , Nidia , Luzmilda, Vilma, Karina

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