A loan of $2,750 helped a member to buy ingredients to make traditional meals better known as “antojitos.” The list of ingredients includes: tomatoes, green chilies, garlic, onion, cheese, oil, firewood to cook with and meat.

Las Consentidas Group's story

This group is called “Las Consentidas” (The Pampered Ones) and it is represented by Maritza M. A.. The name of the group is due to the fact that the members help each other and they feel that when there is a spirit of mutual support among them they feel much pampered. This is a group consisting for the most part of women living in poverty. It merits mentioning that even though they are in this condition they are people who work and every day propose to get ahead in life with their eyes always looking towards hope for a better future.

On this occasion we will speak about the life of Maritza M.. She is 30 years old and is the group representative. She’s married to Margarito, 29, who is a public transportation microbus driver. She has five children: Daniela, 13, Alondra, 11, Yamilet, 9, Irving, 7 and Kimberly, 1.

At night Maritza sells traditional food, also known as “antojitos” such as: sopes, enchiladas, tacos, beverages and candy. Her husband helps her do the prep work. She sells at night because that’s when her husband is off work. She has been doing this for over 5 years since she decided to go into it because her husband’s salary didn’t quite suffice to meet her children’s expenses and now school is more expensive.

Maritza joined a credit group because she needed a loan that she used to buy the necessary raw materials to make her food items. With this money she will be able to buy the following ingredients: red tomatoes, green chilies, dry chilies, maize to make masa, onions, garlic, oil, lard, chicken and firewood to cook them with.

One of Maritza’s dreams it to have a place where she can continue to sell her dishes to more people, that her sales increase so that she can invest more in her business and provide employment to women who need it. She also hopes that her children finish a career in school, that none of her five children is left without an education, that they have the opportunity to improve themselves and aspire to better living conditions; that her children accomplish what she was unable to do.

Most of the group members are women; there is only one man. They are hard working, enthusiastic and filled with infinite hope. They believe in their dreams and in the goodness of others.

Maritza is totally grateful for the noble gesture of help shown by those who support Fundación Realidad, to those around the world who contribute their little grain of sand through Kiva to improve the lives of those less fortunate. In name of her fellow members she sends a strong hug.

Following are the names of the other members of “Las Consentidas” and their respective productive activities:

Maritza M. A.. – Antojitos Sales.

Zoila A. C..- Snack and Candy Sales.

Digna González González.- Chicken Sales.

Maximina Hernández S..- Snack and Candy Sales.

Julia V. C..- Antojitos Sales

Brayan David R. Nicolás.- Groceries.

Alicia V. C..- Catalogue Shoe Sales.

Estela M. Benítez.- Perfume Sales.

Fidelfa Minerva M. C..- Costume Jewelry and Accessories.

Juventina Martínez López.- Perfume Sales.

In this group: Maritza, Zoila, Digna, Maximina, Julia, Brayan David, Alicia, Estela , Fidelfa Minerva, Juventina

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