A loan of $2,700 helped a member this loan will be used for the purchase and sale of pork; both for the purchase of more feed for the raising of pigs (piglets), which will be slaughtered and the meat sold, and for the purchase of firewood to prepare chicharron (fried pork).

Itacuan Group's story

The following group is called "Itacuan", which means yellow flower in the Mixteca language. The group gave itself this name in honour of the locality where the members live. La Cruz de Itacuan is located 15 minutes from Pinotepa and the majority of its inhabitants speak the Mixteca language and work in the countryside raising goats. Their representative is named Francisca Sánchez González, all the members of the group dedicate their time to personal work and the sale of some regionally consumed products.

We will make space to talk a little about the life of one member of this group. Mrs. Francisca Sánchez González, who is 39 years old, is the representative of the group and is married to Aron, 40 years old, who is a public transport taxi driver. She has 4 children: Mirna, 18; Natali, 11; Rafael 9; and Dalila, 8 years old. They are all currently studying.

Francisca has sold pork for more than 6 years. She likes her work, even though for some there is nothing pleasant in sacrificing animals, this is a way to contribute to the family expenses and school expenses of her children. She has her own pig farm, which she aquires when they are young and looks after them and feeds them until they are adults to be sold, either by gross weight or cut up. This activity is not very common in her community but she saw the need to enter into this area. With this activity she can boost the internal personal consumption of the production and raising of pigs within the community. Her husband is very proud of her and he helps her to cut the meat and with the production of pork chicharrón. For those who don't know what chicharrón is, it's the skin of the pig, which is cooked in boiling fat until becoming golden. It's a traditional food of the Mexican people.

Francisca formed a loan group primarily for her need of a loan and the need of her fellow group members. She used this resource for the purchase of pigs, the maintenance of their pen and to feed the pigs which she herself is raising. She was able to acquire more firewood to cook chicharrón, chili peppers to make chorizo and meat seasoned with chili. One of Francisca's biggest dreams is to have a big pig farm, to increase the number of animals, and by this way she will be able to give work to the people who live in this town so that they develop and are able to progress, since government resources are poorly invested. She wants to promote the raising of animals for personal consumption within the zone, but for this it's necessary to have more support investment from everyone and the effort and commitment of more people who want to get ahead. She also aspires to have her own commercial premises for the sale of meat as well as the necessary equipment to further facilitate her work. She also wants her children to prepare themselves professionally, to earn a living with better opportunities, and for them to be able to achieve their dreams and those of those who surround them.

All the people who make up this group are very hard-working women, full of motivation. They are very happy, and despite the situation in which some of them live, they believe in the fulfillment of their dreams and in the goodness of other people who serve others. They are very fulfilled with their commitments, with their families and with their people. This is a characteristic of the indigenous people who live in this part of Oaxaca.

Francisca is extremely thankful for the nobility of those who support different groups throughout the world, in this way making possible the dreams of many and improving the lives of those most needy. On behalf of the members of this group, she sends fraternal greetings to whoever sees this story as well as a big hug to those who support her project.

Below are given the names of the members of the "Itacuan" group as well as their production activities:

Heriberta Rafaela R. R.. – Sale of cheese
Emma Sánchez R..- Sale of chicken
Francisca Sánchez González.- Sale of household products
Elizabeth Soledad M. M..- Sale of catalogue clothing
Carmen C. M..- Sale of food
Eufemia Inés M. M..- Sale of chicken
Araceli R. López.- Sale of chickens
Luisa Sánchez S..- Sale of chickens
Lucia C. Sánchez.- Sale of clothing
Matilde C. M..- Sale of snacks

In this group: Heriberta Rfaela, Emma, Francisca, Elizabeth Soledad, Carmen, Eufemia Ines, Araceli, Luisa, Lucia*, Matilde
*not pictured

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Melissa C

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