A loan of $3,825 helped a member to buy green, blue, red, yellow, orange and mulberry-colored thread, silk thread for embroidering, worsted yarn, skeins of cotton 'vela' thread, calico and backstrap loom.

Las Viñas Group's story

The following group is called “ LAS VIÑAS” (Vines) and their representative is called Florina Vázquez Sánchez. The group received its name from the fact that in the place where they meet there are many fruit trees, such as mango trees, banana trees, papaya trees, guanábana trees and coconut trees. They thought that in the same way as vines have their vineyards they do too, just vineyards of fruit trees. Santa María Huazolititlan is 30 minutes from Pinotepa on the lower part of the coast. In this place Mixtec is spoken and most of the inhabitants make bread with egg yolks from hens from the ranch. This makes their breads famous and much valued. They also make handicrafts, embroidering ribbons and blankets. These are then sold in the towns of Pinotepa, Jamiltepec and the capital of Oaxaca. At the end of this story we will see the name of each one of the group members and the business activities which they pursue to make money.

On this special occasion we will speak a little about the life of one of the group's members, Mrs Ciria Gómez Hernández. She is 37 years old and married to Julian who is also 37 and a bricklayer. Ciria has been married for 20 years and has 5 children: Georgina, 18; Mauricio, 17; Abigail, 14; Araceli, 12 and Richard who is 8.

Since she was 13, Ciria has been making traditional clothes which are currently known as handicrafts such as hand-embroidered 'huipiles' (a traditional blouse or tunic), 'blusas de manta' (a traditional blouse), skirts and napkins. This has been part of a legacy which has been handed down from generation to generation which also provides money to support the family. As we already mentioned, Ciria has spent her whole life making hand-crafted embroideries which are from ancient times. They are part of the daily clothingof the people who live in this area and they have great value and their own style. Unique materials are used and a combination of colors which distinguish their own own community from others and which are different from other embroideries since each town has their own characteristics and colors which sets them apart.

Ciria joined a loan group because she needed a loan to use to acquire the necessary material to make her handicrafts. With this money she will buy the following material: different colored cotton threads, a thread called 'hilo vela', silk thread, double satin and one-sided satin ribbons, traditional calico, backstrap loom, needles and embroidery hoops..

All the people who make up this group are hard-working women. They are all indigenous women, full of vitality and an infinite hope, who believe in their dreams and believe in the goodness of other people.

Ciria is totally grateful for this noble gesture of help which the people who are supporting Fundación Realidad are offering. Those around the world who are putting in their grain of sand through Kiva to improve the lives of the most vulnerable. In the name of her fellow group members, she sends you a big hug.

Below we give you the names of those who make up the “Las Viñas” group and list their business activities:
Rosa M. Gutiérrez. – making hand-embroidered clothes
Juana Sánchez M..- selling 'antojitos' (traditional Mexican snacks generally sold at street stands)
María Ángela G..- selling 'antojitos'
Florina Vázquez Sánchez.- making hand-crafted clothing
Delfina Leonarda C..- making hand-crafted clothing
Maribel Vázquez M..- clothes sales
Lucila Vázquez Gómez.- selling 'antiojitos'
Ciria Gómez Hernández.- making hand-crafted clothing
Hilda M. Ruiz.- pottery
Beatriz Adriana M. Méndez.-making hand-crafted clothing

In this group: Rosa, Juana, Maria Angela, Florina, Delfina Leonarda, Maribel, Lucila , Ciria, Hilda , Beatriz Adriana

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Linda Oxnard

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