A loan of $9,500 helps two former bankers turned entrepreneurs onboard 1 million black women into the Metaverse by 2030!



Lyndsae's story

I am a results-driven finance coach, international speaker, and serial entrepreneur. I received my BA from Howard University, my MBA from UMGC, and my certification in Women’s Entrepreneurship at Cornell University.

I built a rewarding career within the retail banking industry, advancing through the ranks from a part-time teller to managing two bank branches in less than 5 years. It was more than a job that I loved, it was my purpose.

The more I enjoyed providing business development resources and access to capital to clients, the more I grieved applications that were denied, businesses that closed, and families who lived paycheck to paycheck and couldn't afford to finance their entrepreneurial dreams.

For my co-founder, Casey, it was even more exhausting to manage billion-dollar corporate tech portfolios and not have any supporting Black founders. We both separated from our financial institutions in October 2020 and created two award-winning companies, Kingdom Vision Enterprises, LLC & BLAZE Group, LLC.

We have a combined 20 years of experience in consumer and corporate banking, cash flow management, business development, tech sector verticals, and debt capital markets.

After meeting in 2021, we bonded over our passions for serving Black women in business & creating Black wealth. Early in 2022, we brainstormed on an alternative lending solution that would impact the lives of millions of Black women in business. By the summer, we agreed that a web-3-based solution would not only help us provide financial security for women but this venture would also allow us to bridge the digital divide in our community.

We are welcoming Black women into the land of plenty where they are able to build wealth and a community with like-minded CEOs. Your support will allow the millions of women that we directly impact to promote the well-being of millions more.

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