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A loan of $10,500 helps purchase equipment/ inventory and marketing to expand my reach to more everyday customers and the homeless.

Owings Mills, MD, United States

Food Production/Sales



Tiesha's story

I remember having such a strong urge to cook since I was tall enough to reach the stove. My family always had large gatherings where my mom, grandmother, and I would prepare a meal for the family. As I grew older, I began to cook small meals on my own, and I was so anxious that I accidentally burned a portion of the kitchen down by having the fire too high on the oil. Then throwing water on it caused a burst of fire to explode on the stove. This triggered me to take a cooking class in the 5th grade to learn proper cooking skills; this furthered my desire to cook even more. I loved creating my recipes, and as time passed, I found my passion for cooking food.

Cooking became my happy place, Just much as eating did. I wanted to cook whenever I felt sad, down, comfortable and excited about anything. My family enjoyed the fact that I loved to cook so much because they were always ready to try something new. They say the way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach. I knew that to be true because every family member, friend, and associate fell in love with my food after each bite.

The feedback and expressions I received from people after eating my food brought me so much joy I decided to start my catering business. This support has been overflowing and I hope that I can continue to receive that as my business continues to grow. Feeding as many people as daily is my goal, and with the help of my community, I hope to extend my proceeds to feed the homeless and less fortunate daily as well.

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