Colibri X Group's story

This group, called Colibri X (Hummingbird X), is composed of 9 married women. They like the name because in Maria's house where they meet (she is the treasurer of the group), these beautiful birds visit and they are her favorites.

The president, Yuridia, has a carpentry shop with a good supply of work to be done. Yuridia shares her ideals with her husband and works hard with him in the carpentry shop. Just recently, they completed a very pretty integral kitchen and they can already count on more orders for kitchen furniture.

Each and every one of these women has a different history, but in general they are hard-working women with businesses created on the basis of personal sacrifices, with the hope of providing a better future for their children. They are enterprising and dedicated to obtaining a loan that will promote their economic activities.

In general terms, this group today is very motivated. They want the loan to invest in their businesses and they hope that the name of the hummingbird and its presence will give them good luck.

Observations: In the photo a girl appears in the back with a cap.

In this group: Elena, Yuridia, Maria Antonia, Beatriz Adriana, Ana Gabriela, Veronica, Serafina, Guadalupe, Blanca Estela

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Harold Dana Sims, PhD.

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