A loan of $1,475 helped a member purchase of clay, earthenware pots, jugs, candlesticks and decorations for the home.

Jazmin Group's story

This communal bank is called “Jazmín”. It is located in San Pedro neighborhood in Acteopan, in the state of Puebla, Mexico. It has 5 female members who know each other and are neighbors. Mrs Irene C. A. is the group's representative. She is 63 years old and didn't go to school. She has 5 children: Minerva who is 28; Ángeles, 38; Santos Mario, 27; Simón, 25 (a potter who makes earthenware cooking pots and jugs) and Luis Yovani, 14 (who is at high school and also helps serve customers, put clay in bags and sell it by the kilo).

The other members of the group are:

** Petra A. M. who will use her loan to buy clay to make cooking pots to then sell them unfired.
** Jorgina B. T. who will buy firewood to fire the earthenware because she has none left.
** Margarita M. V. who will buy firewood, white clay and clay to make earthenware pots and jugs.
** María Myriam Guzmán C. who will buy oil, sugar, rice, sweets, juice etc. for her quesadilla business
** Irene C. A. who will buy pots, firewood and clay to stock her business

The members of the group would like to say to Kiva and Fundación Realidad “Many thanks for your support and for having faith in us. We are going to work hard so that we do not let you down”.

Irene has a business buying and selling different types of clay, earthenware pots, jugs, candlesticks and decorations for the home. She is requesting her loan to buy more of these products in order to stock her business. She also wants to finish building her house, installing a cement roof and floor, windows and doors, and plaster the walls so that she can go round and fix it up nicely.

Irene set up her business 4 years ago. She learned about her business out of necessity. She had children in school and she didn't have any money. Her husband went to the United States to work but had little work. The little money that he earned he saved.

She started off selling packages of earthenware. She started out with 5 packages and was approached by a customer who bought it all and kept buying from her. The family didn't spend the money but used it to keep buying and selling. They invested the money in buying more earthenware. The money she received from her husband in the US covered their food expenses.

Irene's business is located in her house in San Marcos, in the state of Puebla. Her business is very important to her because it means she has money to give to her son who is studying at high school and needs books and other material. Irene likes making earthenware pots and she also likes to buy so that she has more stock which is well displayed and so that she can provide her customers with everything they require. She is very happy with everything that she sells.

Irene's provider in Puebla sells her clay on credit, giving her 15 or 20 days to pay. Her customers are from all over San Bartolo and Santa Maria. They buy clay from her by the kilo and buy the pots and jugs in bulk. Her business is popular because everybody knows her. It has no competition. Although everybody in San Marcos is in the pottery business, customers all know where to buy from. Irene's profits are re-invested in buying more earthenware and clay.

Irene's husband also now works. He sells earthenware products in the market in Tenancingo in the state of Mexico and to other businesses. Between this and the pottery store, they have money for food and to cover household expenses. Irene would like to expand her business, fix it up and stock it well but right now she can't because her own home isn't finished yet, so it is currently in her son's home. She plans install a type of gallery in her store and fix the pottery store the way she wants it. She hopes to achieve this by working and with her profits.

The 'fiestas patronales' (celebrations for the feast day of a town's patron saint) are very pretty in San Marcos. The 2nd Sunday in January is the 'Dulce Nombre de Jesús' (Sweet Name of Jesus) fiesta. There are religious masses and 'chinelos' (traditional dances). The 25th and 26th of April is the date for the San Marcos fiesta.

Irene comments that her business has helped her to improve her family's lives. Her dreams are to see her house finished and to set up her gallery in her store so that everything is well displayed. She wants to stock it well and see it grow. She is very happy to receive this loan. It will help improve her children's future and help them to get ahead. She intends to achieve her goals through effort, hard work and this loan which is helping them a lot. She is happy to know that there are people such as yourself who will help her to achieve her dreams.

In this group: Petra, Jorgina, Margarita, Maria Myriam, Irene

Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Linda Oxnard

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