A loan of $1,500 helped a member to purchase chickens.

Makun's Group's story

The situation with social security in our country (Kyrgyzstan) is unfortunately very sad. Senior citizens have to worry about their financial condition, while as a matter of principle, they should have a quiet, carefree life. Such professions as a teacher, an engineer and a doctor were considered the most prestigious ones. But nowadays, the salary of teachers is so miserable that most of them have to start a business here or leave for another country to work at a worthy job. This story is about a teacher and a retiree, who happen to fight for a convenient life regardless of their degree and age.

Makun M. is a 58-year-old retiree. She’s the leader of this group. She’s a resident of Tokmok and after the death of her husband, she was left alone with her son. Unfortunately the amount of her pension is too small for giving her son a quality education. So Makun had to go into business. Four years ago, she took a loan to get her poultry-keeping business started. She became experienced in taking care of animals and decided to go on to the next level. She hopes to succeed in getting this loan and spend it on broadening her poultry business and purchasing a calf and hay. If this brings her much income, she would like to get a cow also and start a dairy business.

Zeinep Y., 24, is a young entrepreneur. She is busy with selling vegetables and fruits at the market. So after gaining this loan, she plans to increase the commodity circulation of her business.

Rahima B., 50, has one 20-year-old daughter. Rahima is a dispatcher in the bus terminal of Tokmok. After a while, she decided that she could run a business at the same time. She bought livestock and gave it to her brother for breeding. Rahima applied to this loan for purchasing a calf and gaining as much profit from it as possible.

Raliya Y., 47, is a teacher in high school. Raliya’s husband is a welder and they are the proud parents of five children. She lives by the bus terminal and started a business in the market nearby. This loan she plans to spend on increasing her commodity circulation and opening a second small shop.

Where Did This Loan Come From?

This loan is brought to you by Mol Bulak Finance (MBF), a young, ambitious and socially-focused microfinance institution in Kyrgyzstan.

MBF is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable development and upholds the triple "P" bottom line – People (building human capital and taking care of its customers as well as society), Planet (keeping environmentally friendly) and Profit (earning revenue to expand autonomously). MBF is the only microfinance institute in Kyrgyzstan that delivers its services to customers 365 days a year. To learn more about MBF and view a video presentation about the organization, please visit: http://www.kiva.org/about/aboutPartner?id=135

If you would like to support and learn more about Kyrgyzstan and microfinance in Central Asia, please join our Lending Team - Supporters of Kyrgyzstan – Mol Bulak Finance at http://kiva.org/team/kyrgyzstan. Members will get special updates and news from Kiva Fellows in Kyrgyzstan and from the MBF staff.

In this group: Makun, Zeinep, Rahima, Raliya

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