A loan of $1,300 helped a member purchasing cattle.

Gulbaira's Group's story

Gulbaira A. is the leader of this group. She is forty-three and married. She has four children: her sons are nineteen and fifteen, her daughters are eighteen and twelve. All her children go to school. Her husband is a construction worker. In addition to doing construction work, her husband also breeds cattle. Gulbaira is a worker at the local hospital.

Twenty years ago, she spent 7,000 soms on the purchase of cattle for breeding. Since that time, she has significantly increased the size of her herd and makes 8,000 soms each month on cattle breeding. With the profits from cattle breeding, she will be able to pay tuition fees for their children at institutions of higher education. She is planning to save some money to pay for the higher education of her youngest children. To do this, she plans to help her husband increase number of cattle in order to increase her profits from cattle breeding. Therefore, she applies for a loan. She is planning to purchase additional cattle on the loan received.

Group members:

- Nurzhamilia Z. is treasurer of the group. She is forty-eight and a widow. She has two daughters and a son. Her daughters are eleven and five years old. Her elder daughter goes to school and her younger daughter goes to kindergarten “Kelechek”. She sells convenience goods at her small shop. Three years ago, her friend suggested she start selling convenience goods because she already had a free place for a shop. So she started selling convenience goods with an initial investment of 60,000 soms. Now, she makes 20 000 soms by selling convenience goods. On the profits from her business, she was able to send her son to an Islamic institution in Pakistan. She is applying for a loan in order to purchase goods and increase her turnover. On the profits from her business, she is planning to expand her business and marry her elder son.

- Sharshenaly A. is forty one and married. He has three sons. They are fifteen, thirteen and nine years old. All of them go to school. He is hairdresser. He has his own hairdressing salon. In 2000, he finished hairdresser courses and negotiated the rent of a room where he started providing hairdresser services. He has worked for ten years in his own hairdressing salon, which he opened with initial investment of 15,000 soms. Now he makes 8,000 soms monthly. With the help of the profits from the business, he was able to buy cattle for 10,000 soms. He could increase the size of his cattle herd and he wants to go further. He wants to buy additional cattle for breeding. Therefore he is applying for a loan. With the profits from cattle breeding, he plans to buy a big house for his family, as well as a car.

- Chynara A. is thirty-three and married. She has four children: her daughters are nine, six and one, and her son is eleven years old. Her elder son and daughter go to school and her youngest two daughters are at home. Her husband is a construction worker in Bishkek (capital of Kyrgyzstan). When her husband decided to move to Bishkek in search of employment opportunities, she (upon the suggestion of a friend) decided to start selling convenience goods. She started two years ago with an initial investment of 35,000 soms. Now she makes 15,000 soms monthly. With the profits from her business, she bought furniture and household appliances for her house. She is applying for a loan in order to purchase additional goods and increase her turnover. Through the increase of her turnover, she will be able to increase her profits. In the near future, she is planning to finish construction of their new house and purchase additional new furniture for her new house.

--- Where Did This Loan Come From? ---

This loan is brought to you by Mol Bulak Finance (MBF), a young, ambitious and socially-focused Microfinance Institution in Kyrgyzstan.

MBF is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable development and upholds the triple bottom line – People (building human capital and taking care of its customers as well as society), Planet (keeping environmentally friendly) and Profit (earning revenue to expand autonomously). MBF is the only Microfinance Institute in Kyrgyzstan that delivers its services to customers 365 days a year. To learn more about MBF and view a Video presentation about the organization, please visit: http://www.kiva.org/about/aboutPartner?id=135

If you would like to support and learn more about Kyrgyzstan and microfinance in Central Asia, please join our Lending Team - Supporters of Kyrgyzstan – Mol Bulak Finance at http://kiva.org/team/kyrgyzstan. Members will get special updates and news from Kiva Fellows in Kyrgyzstan and from the MBF staff.

In this group: Gulbaira, Nurzhamilia, Sharshenaly, Chynara

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