A loan of $1,200 helped a member to purchase cattle.

Nurzhamal's Group's story

Nurzhamal D. is leader of the group. She is 36 and married. She has three children: her sons are 15 and 5 and her daughter is 12. Her elder two children go to school and her youngest son is at home. Her husband works in construction.

Nurzhamal breeds cattle and sells milk. She started cattle breeding seven years ago with an initial investment of 16,000 soms. Their parents helped them with the purchase of a milk cow. Her husband actively helps her in breeding cattle and combining their efforts, They get 2,300 soms monthly. They are applying for a loan to buy more cattle for breeding. With the profits from cattle breeding, they are planning to build a big barn, and buy a house and a car.

Group members:
Mubarhan T. is 48 and married. She has seven children: her sons are 25, 23, 20, 17, 13 and her daughters are 19 and 15. Her daughters are married and live independently; her elder two sons are also married and live independently; one of her sons is a student and the two youngest sons go to school. Her husband is a guard at the local school. She is a farmer, breeds cattle and sells milk. They sold crops from their garden and used the proceeds to buy a milk cow. During the last eight years, she makes 2,600 soms monthly from cattle breeding, milk selling and farming. With the profits from her business, she could pay for the marriage of her children and increase the number of cattle. Now she is applying for a loan in order to purchase additional cattle for fattening and reselling at a higher price. In the future, she is planning to increase cattle quantity and marry off her youngest sons.

Zhibek M. is 29 and married. She has three children: her son is 9, her daughter is 8nand her second son is 2 years old. Her elder son and daughter go to school and her youngest son is at home. Her husband breeds cattle. She farms, helps her husband with cattle breeding and sells milk. They started farming, cattle breeding and selling milk because this business was inherited from their parents. Now, they have run the business for 10 year and they make 3,000 soms monthly. They are planning to make repairs at their house. She is applying for a loan to purchase construction materials and prepare their house for the winter. She is planning to finish construction on her house and buy a car.

Akylai K. is 41 and married. She has five children: her sons are 20, 5 and 3 years old and her daughters are 18 and 16 years old. Her elder son helps her to take care of their house, her daughters are students and her youngest son is at home. Her husband is a farmer; he breeds cattle and sells milk together with his wife. She inherited this business from her parents. They have run the business for 21 years and they make 1,500 soms a month. For now, they could significantly increase the cattle number and buy a tractor. She is applying for a loan in order to buy fuels and lubricants for their tractor and gather crops. In the future, she is planning to build a new barn, buy a new car and make repairs on her house.

--- Where Did This Loan Come From? ---

This loan is from Mol Bulak Finance (MBF), a young, ambitious and socially-focused Microfinance Institution in Kyrgyzstan.
MBF is strongly committed to the principles of sustainable development and upholds the triple bottom line – People (building human capital and taking care of its customers as well as society), Planet (keeping environmentally friendly) and Profit (earning revenue to expand autonomously). MBF is the only Microfinance Institute in Kyrgyzstan that delivers its services to customers 365 days a year. To learn more about MBF and view a video presentation about the organization, please visit: http://www.kiva.org/about/aboutPartner?id=135
If you would like to support and learn more about Kyrgyzstan and microfinance in Central Asia, please join our Lending Team - Supporters of Kyrgyzstan – Mol Bulak Finance at http://kiva.org/team/kyrgyzstan. Members will get special updates and news from Kiva Fellows in Kyrgyzstan and from the MBF staff.

In this group: Nurzhamal, Mubarhan, Zhibek, Akylai

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