A loan helped a woman-owned business to grow and expand her business while reaching her full potential.

Lunabelle's story

I make handmade self-care treasures to leave you and your home smelling heavenly for that all-around lovely feeling of ethereal bliss and positive energy. My products range from body butter and other self-care products to different home decorations and spiritual treasures perfect for raising the vibes for you, your familiars, and your realm.

While I have a bachelor’s and master's in science, I am also an eclectic witch. I believe the best self-care products are created using both wisdoms. I use my background in scientific education to make the most of the ingredients supplied to us by Mother Earth, as well as my spiritual and holistic approach to life, to utilize both processes when researching each ingredient for its benefits to create products that are good for the mind, body, and soul.

I grew up in an abusive and broken environment, where life wasn't always easy or kind to me, but because of that and anything else in my life, I took those experiences to push through everything and put myself through high school and eventually college. By doing so, I now have a bachelor's and a master's in science with an emphasis in forensic science and crime scene investigation because science, how things work together, and creating things has always been a passion of mine. Even with the countless disadvantages or hardships that I have faced throughout my life and still continue to face to an extent, I have and will always pursue everything professionally to alchemize my attention to details, my passion for customer service, while utilizing my analytical-applied approach to the careful planning and crafting of my products. This precision that I take when crafting custom orders means that I can provide quality over quantity to many beautiful communities.

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It supports a female entrepreneur in expanding their business.

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Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year


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