A loan of $650 helped a member to build a fence around the house.

Fatima's Group's story

Fatima T., the leader of this group, is 58 and married. She has three sons and a daughter of 18 who is a student. Fatima and her husband are pensioners. In 1988, Fatima’s farther gave her and her husband one head of cattle, 8 goats, and 5 sheep as a present for their marriage. She decided to start breeding cattle and increase the number of heads of cattle. With the profits from successful cattle breeding, she built a house, married off her two sons, and bought a flat in the capital of Kyrgyzstan (Bishkek). Her profit from cattle breeding is 20,000 per month. She is applying for a loan to build a fence around her house. She will repay the loan with the help of profits received in the future from cattle breeding. This autumn, she is planning to marry off her third son.

Group members:

Parida I. is treasurer of the group. She is 54 and married. She has 4 children. Her elder son is 21, her first daughter is 18, her second daughter is 15 and her youngest daughter is 12. Her son is going to graduate this year from Tashkumyr Institute and he combines his studying process with a job as a road worker. Her first daughter is a junior at the Tashkumyr College. In 2002, they made 20,000 som on the resale of coal and used this money for a purchase of one head of cattle and 7 goats. Starting their business with 20,000, they make 8000 som each month. Cattle breeding is mainly the job of Paridas' husband. At present, they have been able to increase their livestock herds to 4 cows, 4 calves, 100 goats and 10 sheep. They applying for a loan in order to buy 7 or 8 sheep to fatten and sell at a higher price. In the future, with the profits from cattle breeding, they are planning to open a food store and to buy a car for the family.

Azamat R. is 20 and single. He lives with his mother, farther, and two sisters. His little sister is 15 and goes to school. His elder sister is a teacher at the local school. His mother works in Russia. Azamat works in coal during the appropriate season, works as a builder with his farther during the summer period and breeds cattle. During the summer periods when Azamat and his father work as builders, their cattle are under the care of his grandparents on his mother’s side. With the efforts of his grandparents, Azamat has been able to increase the number of livestock in his herd to 4 head of cattle and 16 sheep. Azamat started cattle breeding 4 years ago with an initial investment of 5000 som. Now, this brings in 500 soms monthly. Azamat applied for a loan in order to get funds to rebuild his old cattle shed. With the profits from cattle breeding, Azamat is planning to build his own house and after that, get married and live a happy married life with his beloved wife.

Ernes B. is 26 and married. He has a son one year old. His wife is a housewife. He is a taxi driver on the road between Jalalabat – Karakul with his own car. Each day he earns 600 som. Besides being a taxi driver, Ernes earns money with cattle breeding. Two years ago, he bought one goat for 750 som. Since that moment, he has increased the number of goats to 4. During summer periods, his wife’s parents take care of their cattle in the mountains where there are better conditions for goats. During winter periods, Ernes breeds goats himself. Now, livestock breeding brings him in 15,000 som monthly. He wants to increase the number of livestock he has. Thus, he is applying for a loan in order to buy more 10 goats. He will fatten them and sell them at a higher price. In the future, with the profits from livestock breeding, he wishes to buy his own house, because now he lives with his parents.

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