A loan of $1,525 helped a member to purchase cabbages, peppers, and cucumbers.

Koisun's Group's story

How can you give up if someone is expecting you to succeed? This was in the mind of Koisun T. eight years ago, when she started her business alone. After being divorced from her husband and receiving no help from him, she started considering options of starting up a business in order to provide for her two children. She started making pasties and selling them at the local market and shops with an initial investment of 1000 soms. Then she saved some money and started buying wholesale vegetables and selling them at the local market. Her business helped her to raise her children and give them an education. Now, Koisun is 45 and divorced. Her son is 20 and her daughter is 18. Also, she has bought a calf with the profits from her business to fatten it and sell it in the future at a higher price. Her business brings her 8000 soms monthly. She is applying for a loan in order to continue her business, buying wholesale cabbages, peppers, and cucumbers and selling them at a higher price. With the profits from her business, she wants to give quality higher education to her daughter, help her son financially to get married, and buy a big house for her family.

Group members:

Gulsora B. is treasurer of the group. She is 29 and married. She has three children. Her son is 11, one daughter is 9 and her younger daughter is 4. All of them go to school. Her husband earns a living by making capital repairs. Due to the absence of work opportunities, Gulsora decided to start her business by buying wholesale detergents in the capital of Kyrgyzstan and selling them at a higher price in her region. She started her business with an initial investment of 3000 soms. After a certain period of time, she decided to switch from selling detergents to vegetables because that promised higher profits. Now, her monthly income is 20,000 soms. With the profits from her business, Gulsora has been able to provide for members of her family and buy a cow. Now, she is applying for a loan in order to buy another cow and hay for her. She believes that another cow will increase her profits and then she could realize her plan to build a house and buy a car for her family.

Nurbek T. is 39 and married. He has 3 children. His elder daughter is 15 and is studying in the US, his second daughter is 4 and his youngest child, a son is one month old. Two years ago, together with his wife, he started selling convenience goods right at their home with initial investments of 5000 soms. Then they decided to put a table next to their house and sell convenience goods there. After a time, with the profits from selling convenience goods, they decided to build a shop near their house. Also, the profits from the shop gave them an opportunity to buy goats to breed. From that moment, they have separated obligations: the shop was under the control of his wife and he focused on goat breeding. Right now, their business brings 13,000 soms monthly. They found an opportunity to increase their profits through increasing the assortment of goods at their shop. Thus, Nurbek is applying for loan to get necessary funds to diversify their assortment. At the same time, he wants to prepare for the winter season and buy one ton of coal.

Raikan B. is 47 and a widow. She has three children. Her daughter is 19, one son is 15 and her younger son is 8. Her sons are studying in the US. Raikan finished courses as a hairdresser two years ago and decided to start her business by opening a hairdressing salon with an initial investment of 500 soms. She rents a place for her hairdressing salon where she works together with her daughter. Her salon brings her 8000 soms monthly. Now, her daughter is planning to get married. According to Kyrgyz traditions, the mother should provide a dowry for her daughter. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have enough money therefore she is applying for a loan which will help her to buy a dowry.

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