A loan of $2,575 helped a member to buy some piglets for breeding and possibly a bicycle and fertilizer.

Mrs. Thoeurn Prum Village Bank Group's story

Mrs. Thoeurn P., village bank president and 58 years old, was selected by sixteen people who live in ThU. village in Takeo province. Each member will use their portion of the loan for different purposes to improve their current businesses.

Mrs. Thoeurn P. and her husband, Mr. Chorn Nus, are farmers who own a small piece of land to cultivate rice on to sell to support their family. Although both of them try to work hard in their field, they can earn very little income to support their family. So to improve this condition, Mrs. Thoeurn P. is asking for a loan to buy some piglets to raise to start a new business. With any remainder of the loan she will buy a bicycle and fertilizer. She is the mother of four children, two of whom are seamstresses in a garment factory, while one is studying at the local school, and the other is helping her to do farming.

In this group: Thoeurn, Chean, Ann, Chan Hieng, Oeng, Oeurn, Orn, Sareim, Savoeurn, Sorphoan, Phy, Sin, Chikou, Roeun, Roeun, Sat

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