A loan helped us enroll 50 more households to be carbon neutral, in one of the most polluted states in the US.

Daniel's story

I was an entrepreneur even as a kid in a small town in Indiana. Every year we had an antique car parade. So I sold soda from a wagon. Then I sold drawings, homemade candy, rocks dredged up from a pond(!), and eventually custom websites.

I studied philosophy at university and became a professional software engineer. After a decade I left tech to start a consultancy -- Applied Ideals -- and advise 100+ social entrepreneurs.

Then one day... I learned that the ocean is absorbing CO2. It’s becoming more acidic, and the coral reefs will probably die. I got angry, jumped from my desk, and thought, “Isn’t anyone going to do something?”

So I dove into climate action full-time.

I took a year's sabbatical to interview 300 people working on the environment in the Midwest. I created a massive Facebook Messenger chat with 50 friends to share what I was learning. And I learned a lot.

I learned that just 10 states create half of all greenhouse gas emissions in the country. Indiana is one. I also learned that, if national climate philanthropy was distributed equitably per capita, Indiana climate education and advocacy would receive $25M in support annually, but the state is receiving maybe 5% of that.

So I started Carbon Neutral Indiana, a social enterprise nonprofit, in April 2020. We would generate most of our own income like a business, but we’d be dedicated to the public good, to helping educate Indiana, and achieving statewide carbon neutrality as soon as possible.

My favorite part of the job is speaking with every single member on the phone. They tell me they’re overwhelmed, anxious, despairing. After measuring and cleaning up their “carbon trash,” they feel progress, connected to a positive community, and a renewed sense of hope.

This loan is special because:

It helps an experienced entrepreneur serve their community.

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