Ñemity Group's story

The women of this committee work for the Yhaka Ro'ysa Company in the city of Caacupé. They are hard-working women, with lots of solidarity, who possess a good sense of belonging to the group. They are very content with the program offered by the Fundación Paraguaya, which besides providing credit that helps them greatly with the businesses to which the women are dedicated, also offers good training that teaches them, among other things, techniques such as how to achieve good relations with fellow members and in the home; how to save and not spend on unnecessary things; and building self esteem, etc. Today the members finished their 8th loan cycle. They have worked together for approximately 2 ½ years.

One of the members is María who is dedicated to retail commerce of various goods, mostly a mixed inventory, including toys, baby clothes, book store items, gifts, and others. María began with little merchandise and has experienced a constant growth of her business. To wait on customers, she can count on her daughters who are very proud of their mother. They constantly affirm how she has always struggled to get ahead to assure that they lacked nothing.

María is requesting the loan to buy hose, scarves, gloves, and other merchandise.

In this group: Maria, Juana, Crispina, Pánfila, Lucia, Felicita, Higinia, Norma, Gladys, Elvira, Marta, Ernesta, Maria, Tomasa, Luz*
*not pictured

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Harold Dana Sims, PhD

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