A loan helped to buy another dairy cow to meet high demand for milk and then use her profits to support her family.

Ruth's story

Ruth, a 47-year-old single mom of 3 children, is a loving mother who has been farming for the past few years.

Thanks to her efforts and dedication, she has always had a good milk and crop production. Ruth works tirelessly every day of the week on her farm. Dairy farming has always played a core role in the Thika area of Kenya. Since Ruth had children, her personal and financial obligations have skyrocketed. She decided the best way to increase her income is to improve her farm's productivity.

To increase milk production, she can either buy more cows or replace the existing cows with more productive breeds. The latter makes more economic sense. Traditional breeds are well-adjusted to the environmental conditions and are disease-resistant, but their milk production is very low. Crossbreeds and Frisians are more productive and can survive in the same environment as the traditional breeds, but come at a higher price.

Ruth is seeking a loan from Kiva lenders to purchase another productive dairy cow that will bring her more income and improve her milk vending business

Unlike most micro-finance organizations in Kenya that have imposed very complicated procedures in funds acquisition, thereby discouraging smallholder farmers, Juhudi Kilimo is working closely with Kiva to make loan acquisition for a smallholder farmer easy and convenient.

This loan is special because:

It finances smallholder farmers to purchase dairy cows, chickens, cereals, farm inputs and farming equipment.

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