A loan of $4,000 helped secure a new retail location, increase inventory.

Aaron's story

Aaron, owner of Aaron’s Barrels and Containers, successfully built a business around a versatile product: a large, heavy-duty plastic barrel. As his marketing materials explain, the barrels have a wide variety of uses: from rain-water catchment systems to BBQ marinating to bear-proof camping storage.

“I’m selling something that you can’t find at Home Depot or Wal-Mart,” says Aaron. “I’ve found my niche!”

Aaron’s clients are predominantly eco-friendly organizations, companies, and individuals who are setting up systems to re-use grey water, create their own solar water heaters, or build compost tumblers. A local orchid society, for example, found that their plants responded better to harvested rain water than to tap water, which has been treated with chlorine. Local wineries big and small have also come to Aaron for barrels to store their harvested grapes.

Since starting his business four years ago, Aaron has seen demand for his barrels rise steadily. While Aaron admits that running a business comes with its own set of challenges, the ability to determine his own schedule is indispensable because he has spent the last fifteen years helping to care for sick and elderly family members.

A $4,000 loan, his third from Opportunity Fund, will help Aaron secure a new location for his operations, as well as increase his inventory of supplies. As the autumn harvest and winter rainy season approach, his busiest times of the year, Aaron is excited to get the business running at full capacity in a new space.

If you’d like to find out more about the products sold by Aaron’s Barrels and Containers, please contact info@opportunityfund.org!

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