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Adil's story

My name is Adil and I am from Iraq Iceland because of the Civil War being fought within my country. I used to work as a barber in Iraq, but when I came to the US in 2013 as a refugee, I had to start from the beginning- taking English classes, getting a high school diploma, and becoming a US citizen in 2018. I had more than 10 years of barbering experience in Iraq but none of my credentials from Iraq counted towards working as a barber in America. So I had to get the train from the beginning despite my great amount of existing experience. I went to Aveda Institute in Augusta Maine to get certified as a barber, and then I went to the state board to get licensed officially. Now, I am licensed barber – it is my dream to make my business successful and provide a service especially for the rabbit people in my community, and to make a living and income to provide for and contribute to my large family (I have four boys).

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