A loan helped to buy mulberry to produce more tapas (bark cloth), and also to pay for the exporting of her tapas overseas.

Ma'ata's story

Meet Ma'ata. She is a 26-year-old mother to her daughter. Her husband works as a farmer, and they live at her parents' house.

Ma'ata's mother helps in her tapa business by preparing her soft tapas. Tapa is a bark cloth that is made from bark that has been softened through a process of soaking and beating.

Ma'ata is a member of a group of women in their village who gather once a week and make tapas. She learned tapa design from her mother, and designs her own tapas. Some other women hire Ma'ata and her mother to design their tapas for them.

She may be a young mother, but she is working hard to build a secure future for her family. She and her husband have a plan to purchase their own home, but they currently don't have enough money.

Ma'ata applied for a loan to buy lots of mulberry to produce more tapas and pay for exporting some of her tapas overseas.

She will start saving money to implement their plan.

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It helps proven female entrepreneurs grow their businesses and create jobs.

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