A loan of $1,175 helped to purchase seeds and nutrients necessary for the production of chili peppers.

Gabriel Luis's story

Gabriel is a 60-year-old father of six who lives with his wife and two daughters in Los Chiles, located in the northern region of Costa Rica.

Like many member of the Los Chiles community, Gabriel is a farmer and dedicates his time to the planting and harvest of various subsistence crops including tuber(a type of plant structure that stores nutrients) and chili peppers.

Gabriel is always busy: when he isn’t tending to the needs of his own plot of land, he hires himself out as a laborer on a nearby farm. The money he earns helps to complement the income generated from the sale of his own produce.

Gabriel organizes his day so that in the morning he wakes up early, eats breakfast, and then feeds his cows and pigs. He spend six hours per day working as a laborer and in the afternoons he switches gears, taking on the work in his own fields.

This loan will be used to finance the production of Habanero chili peppers. Specifically, Gabriel will use this money to purchase seeds, fertilizer, tools, pesticides, and other materials and ingredients necessary for the production of chili peppers. All labor and transportation tasks will be carried out by Gabriel and his family.

Gabriel dedicates part of his time as a hired hand on a nearby farm. He worries about the coming harvesting season and hopes that he will be successful this year. Gabriel´s goals are to maintain stability in his family, achieve higher production rates, improve his economic situation, and offer a better standard of living to his family.

A major difficulty and limitation for Gabriel has been his lack of working capital. He hopes to use this loan effectively to improve life on the farm for everyone.

Piper and Capiscum Processors Compañía Agrícola Industrial, or PROPICA, is an international buyer and seller of chili pepper and ground pepper products. In cooperation with Fundación Mujer, PROPICA has guaranteed to purchase the agricultural products (the peppers) that are to be produced with the help of this loan. PROPICA acts as a guaranteed client for small agricultural producers in the area of Los Chiles, thus ensuring that their products will reach market.

The collaboration of Fundación Mujer and PROPICA, represents a unique opportunity to Gabriel, his family, and his community. By offering a source of start-up capital and a guaranteed client to purchase what is produced, this is a chance to improve family and community standards of living. Above all, Gabriel wants to take advantage of the current opportunity that has been presented; he wants to profit from this collaboration and see improvements in his neighborhood.

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