A loan of $4,275 helped a member for firewood, potatoes, corn, chile poblano (a relatively mild chili pepper originating in the State of Puebla, Mexico. Dried it is called an ancho chile), green chilies, tomatoes, green tomatoes, onion, garlic and other spices.

Angelitos Group's story

This group is called Angelitos (Little Angels); it’s in the city of Santiago Pinotepa Nacional, Oaxaca.

This story is about Mrs. María de Jesús R. T. because she is one of the group members. She’s 34 years old, married and has two children: Linda María, 9, and José, 8. Both are in elementary school. She sells fast-food snacks like enchiladas and sopes (fried masa rounds topped with beans, meat, cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa, sour cream). She also sells hand-made tortillas. She has been in business for over 14 years.

María chose to sell fast-food snacks because it’s what she knows how to do best because her older sister taught her to cook. She says it’s also a very good source of income and it helps her support the family. She will use the funds to buy ingredients that she uses to prepare her food like: firewood, corn, potatoes, Poblano (Ancho) chilies, green chilies, green and red tomatoes, onions, garlic and other spices.

Her business has been of much utility for her because now that her children are about to return to school she has to buy them shoes, backpacks, school uniforms and supplies in addition to the monetary contributions she must give at the beginning of the school year. She also wants to improve her business enlarging the place where she sells her snacks.

Her business is also of use to the people living in her community because they don’t have to travel so far to get food and tortillas since some of the area residents prefer to buy prepared food so as not to have to cook at home.

María wants her children to have professions since she did not have the opportunity to go to school. She is thinking that besides selling food she can also sell fruits and vegetables since she says it is also a good business that produces excellent profits.

She mentions to us that her group works together very well because all the members know each other and are very responsible with their payments.

These are the names of the other members with the activities each is involved with:

Daniel Abraham M. R.- taxi driver
Angelita González P.- stylist
Juana catalina López C.-crafts shop
Juan Carlos P. López-fruits and vegetables
Maria de Jesús R. T.-snacks
Aurora Imelda P. López- fruits and vegetables
Maria de Jesús López C.- fruits and vegetables
Maria del Carmen López Nicolás-catalogue sales
Elvira Ofelia R. Pérez-crafts shop
Julia gregoria R. T.-shoe store
Faustina Guadalupe R. T.-groceries

In this group: Angelita, Daniel Abraham, Juana Catalina, Juan Carlos, Maria De Jesus, Aurora Imelda, Maria De Jesus, Maria Del Carmen, Elvira Ofelia, Julia Gregoria, Faustina Guadalupe

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Translated from Spanish by Kiva volunteer Polliz

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