A loan helped a women-owned business finally launch their sustainable party business dream.

Desiree's story

13 years ago, while working in the restaurant industry in San Jose, CA, my co-founder Mallory and I formed an inseparable friendship. We both loved bringing people together; almost every weekend we hosted unforgettable parties that none of our friends wanted to miss out on.

I (Desiree) went on to complete a degree in interior design at San Jose State University, where my passion for design and sustainability grew. I became fascinated with the amount of waste in the construction industry. . While I was starting a career in space planning and event planning at Google and then Genentech, I actually became the de facto event planner for my own family. For family birthdays, baby showers, and my Mom�s bastille day party, I became responsible for designing, making, and buying decorations.

In 2018, while decorating my sister�s engagement party, I again noticed the massive amounts of waste we were creating: the majority of party supplies I�d carefully curated for the celebration would go straight into the trash. That�s when I realized, what if we could help people throw parties that require less effort, money, and waste, but are just as festive and special? I reached out to Mallory, who at that point was thriving in marketing and tech sales, to see if she wanted to work with me to launch this dream.

Together, we built prototypes, created a business plan, a website, and got Party On up and running. In the fall of 2020, with climate change in the forefront of the news and as wildfires raged across California and the world, I knew it was time to take action. With Mallory now as my advisor, I left my full-time job to take the plunge and follow my dream.

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It supports a female entrepreneur in expanding their business.

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Industry: Retail
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: partyonpartybox.com


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