A loan helped a growing farm in rural Montana increase its ability to provide healthy food to the local community.

Jay's story

I, the owner and operator of Fern Co., grew up in New England before going to college at Brown University. Upon graduating with a degree in behavioral psychology, I spent the next few years working in agriculture at an organic vegetable farm in Massachusetts as well as a few urban agricultural startups in Boston. In 2016, I decided to follow my heart and bought 10 acres in western Montana in order to pursue my passion in sustainable agriculture.

My passion in agriculture stems from my 4 years in college taking courses on our nation's current food system, the major issues we face and what to do about it. The phrase, "think globally, act locally" drives me to develop an organic farm that both promotes local food security as well as provides education for new farmers looking to make it in this industry. We follow organic, regenerative agricultural practices aimed to both increase production and soil fertility, reduce our field’s water requirements, build soil and sequester carbon.

My vision here at Fern Co. is to have a highly productive farm that not only supplies our community with nourishing food throughout the year but provides direct education to new farmers looking to build their own operation. Farming is inherently complicated and one must learn a wide variety of skills to be successful, such as plumbing, crop planning, construction and more. Therefore, I plan to develop coursework in the form of written material, audio and video that covers all aspects of farming and how to do it yourself.

This loan is special because:

It supports a rural farmer expand their business.

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Industry: Agriculture
Years in operation: 6 months - 1 year
Website: fern-co.com


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