A loan helped a member develop and promote the solidarity group's various commercial activities.

Sope Serigne Assane Group's story

The BAMBAEY SERERE « Banc Villageois » loan group – which includes the SOPE SERIGNE ASSANE solidarity group – was created three years ago, but the SOPE SERIGNE ASSANE group itself has only existed for less than a year (six months). This is due to the fact that the group members joined the Banc Villageois at the time of last loan cycle, and on the day they joined they set up a solidarity group based on their mutual affinity and proximity to each other.

The group members are all married, and on average are 35 years old with at least two children. Their main activity, as for most of the village’s women, is the retail commerce of local grain cereals, ice, peanut oil and seafood products. The existence of a weekly market in the village contributes greatly to the success of their commercial activities.

Mrs. Oumy Kalsoum D. is the president of the solidarity group. She is 36 years old (born 29 November 1974), is married and the mother of six children. She is at the far right of the picture, wearing a maroon ensemble dotted with small yellow circles. Since joining the Banc Villageois she manufactures and sells peanut oil.

Her loan will serve to develop and promote her activity. Her objective is to assist her husband in managing the family while taking care of her own personal needs.

In this group: Oumy Kalmous, Awa, Saye, Aïssatou, Nogoye, Awa, Satou, Coumba, Yande, Dieynaba, Ndeye Ratou, Astou, Fatou, Ndewe, Khemesse

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Translated from French by Kiva volunteer René McConnell.

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