A loan helped to purchase improved farm inputs that will increase farm yield.

Hairana's story

Hairana is a hardworking farmer who has the ambition to expand her land under cultivation and earn higher profits from farming. As a member of Babban Gona, Hairana has access to high quality inputs and enhanced farming services which help to increase her yields. Furthermore, through training programs, Hairana now practices farming in a more sustainable manner. For example, the agronomy education Hairana receives focuses on micro-dosing fertilizers to lessen environmental impact and increase yields.

Hairana expects to reap 40 bags/hectare of maize from this year's harvest, more than double the national Nigerian average of 18 bags/hectare. Nonetheless, Hairana needs a Harvest Advance loan to buy more pay her children's school fees. This Harvest Advance loan will provide Hairana with cash equivalent to her value of maize at harvest. Babban Gona will then help Hairana to store her maize and sell it at a higher price over the next 6 to 9 months, guaranteeing higher returns. This is crucial for Hairana to fulfil her plans of using the profit from this harvest to pay her children's school fees.

This loan is special because:

It supports smallholder farmers and helps them increase yields.

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