A loan helped to debut historical fiction novel.

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I am driven, I am purposeful, I am intentional, I am ambitious, Yet most importantly I am determined . I’m a Historical Fiction Author who at one point had lost it all (nearly $100,000 of my own money) to be exact, chasing a dream I believed it even when others didn’t. I failed, but that isolated experience didn’t stop me from pursuing my dreams as a writer. In fact, it fueled me. It fueled me to believe in myself, and continue trying even if I didn’t know how things would end, or where my next dollar would come from to fund the dream itself. Primarily because I know that my purpose is bigger than me. Despite going broke to fund my dream as a writer, I knew there was a need to see joy in black literature, especially at this time and beyond, based on what recent events has exposed about our own society. Similar to what we’re experiencing, just as the black experience can’t be defined by one moment nor one incident, I know that neither can my past failures. One bad experience doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t keep going. It doesnt mean I shouldn’t pursue my dreams. It just means that I need to keep going until my dreams are completely successfully. It means that I can’t give up on soothing tired souls with stories that are relatable to their own struggles. I can’t fail me. I cant fail those around me. Those who not only believe in me, but those who depend on me to pull through this. Those who have taken pay cuts because I couldn’t afford to make payroll due to loss of my employment due to covid (yes I actually went out to seek fulltime employment just to make payroll for those who were helping to build me). For those who show up everyday without pay only because they believe in my vision. If I give up on me, I give up on them. Giving up simply isn’t an option.

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