A loan helped a minority, woman-owned business create employment and purchase equipment to service youth.

Charlette's story

Raising a child who struggled in the traditional “cookie cutter” school system for years, I later realized that not all kids develop the same. Some are more visual learners, some are more auditory and as with my child, many are hands-on developers. I spent years of tears trying to fit a round peg into a square hole for my son to do well in traditional school. Even though he was intelligent and very capable, he just couldn’t fit into the traditional student mold. It wasn’t until my son was in high school where I realized several of his friends were in the same boat. Simply unmotivated, this population didn’t plan on going to college and the only other option was working at the neighborhood McDonald's or being a statistic on the street. There were simply not enough opportunities and alternatives for them to be successful and independent in life without spending 4 years while mounting debt in the classrooms of college. Statistics show that there is a shortage for trade skill workers. Trade schools are not freely offered in many school systems to give kids like my son other options for success as adults. Not all kids are college bound. This began my personal journey for social impact to create opportunities to youth where none previously existed. Repairer of Broken Walls Inc. was birthed out of a need to fill this gap. We work through program partners and urban youth predominantly age 16-24 to focus on neighborhood aesthetic, visual quality, clean up and beautification to revitalize communities one house at a time. We conduct community clean up events; blight prevention and on the job skills training through landscaping. With real-life work experiences and trade skills, these youth have every opportunity to be successful and as independent as their college counterparts.

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It will help this entrepreneur upgrade equipment and expand their business.

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Industry: Services
Years in operation: 1 year - 3 years
Website: robw.org


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