A loan helped purchase equipment to make more nut butters more quickly, which will help us meet record 2020 demand.

Tim's story

I grew up in the rolling hills of central Maryland in a small town called Mount Airy. As a kid, I was naturally entrepreneurial from a young age, starting my own coin business, toy factory, cosmetics lab, and other micro enterprises.

In high school, witnessing social and environmental injustices locally and in the world at large from my rural context, I dreamt of and wrote about how I could make both the local and global worlds into better places. This thinking and writing led me to pursue a degree in Philosophy at Haverford College, where I also engaged in environmental activism.

As a philosophy major, I blended these passions and wrote my environmental ethics thesis about how humans can become an ecologically beneficial species on the planet by designing a new ecological industrial revolution and implementing more ecologically-adapted agriculture. I argued that businesses could be catalysts for beneficial change.

After graduation, I traveled the world living on ecological farms thanks to a Thomas J Watson Fellowship. I saw how the flourishing of the microbes in the soil contributed to the flourishing of the plants, which contributed to the flourishing of the animals and humans that ate those plants, which resulted in a thriving community of organisms in a thriving ecosystem.

Upon returning from my Fellowship, I deliberated over how I could create a livelihood that reflected my values. I founded my nut butter business in my home kitchen as a way to test whether my college thesis could be proven through an organic food product business creating demand for ecological agriculture.

I feel proud that we have been able to support our community, our customers, and our suppliers for over 7 years by running a business that is an expression of my values and my passion for a better world!

This loan is special because:

It will help a businessman purchase equipment to make more nut butters and grow their business.

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